Bridesmaids Bleep Line

Tuesday, April 24th

"So the morning of we get a group text that says, "Hey guys I've decided he wasn't the one!""

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Ladies and gentlemen we are gathered here today to join together all. Money your complaint. Bridesmaids. Is speaking now. Let's get ratings Syrians. OK so sweet we're all pulling right around the house for the wedding because this little Srinath. So a lot of unity thing about how okay fine whether it's it's different I. We get there. And how good cooler than we realize. We learn that though that's not that there dollars. Food included we have compiled a drain your thoughts approved in the house. And I again. I hadn't included are exactly yet life and now I'm at least 600 dollars. And that's not okay both. I don't need the money back with open. Well. And cash because. So. My best friend of what is going to get married. And the morning of the wedding she'd decided. Not to get a which is great that she figured out her life and everything. Types. First of all the way that she told everyone and with Olympic groups pacs. Good morning. We're all getting ready in our bridesmaids dresses that we spend a lot of money time and weakened crypt text. Hey I. I decided. He would not the ones I'll talk to you later. AT and it's going to happen I political. Ordered a drink at the rehearsal dinner. Priorities and priorities. I am a friend to call me I'm arranging. I can't believe that my mother in law she is wearing a True Blue white trash. And what. How did she didn't you we don't even know if that's not okay. And I think star I don't really do I'm going to and then you know wanna look at her straight in the face. I know her videos have now with only after the Pentagon probable that you don't learn why on planning the wedding day. Right or a little sensitive. Especially to Graham's mom that's weird feeling that's that's intentional and she wants and they got quiet sense and then amassed an. And passive aggressive some yeah. Right on smiles as well I need bad but I didn't know that there be special now that's a power play yeah. Complete and utter pull away. Fujian motor Morgan. Home my farm field we have a very honest I want a little tee shot on the Colmes I'm buying the harder it is all. Uprooted and go. On real you know real. Aren't real. I've read give Thursday's school. Love. My native art in her class eager actually it really cared enough perfectly happy being active at the news. Luke. And. And I. I'm for one warrant here yeah. I can thank you Carol how. On that there be here trying to cutting. Giving up on it and I actually have to order food and our ears and they already eagle and if Yahoo! Google and thank him and it can say yeah you know our heart at the end and an American people and they can't come to think he jokingly tell you everything. Two I think. Yeah therapy. Today being tried it a well I think he knows how to write yeah. I think your your grandparents you know soccer game and not exactly they care law. I felt up hair and I see you every time. Liked. That. Yeah. Brags. On the airline. 45 I don't drive him. They can now. Or forever hold your peace.