Bridesmaid's Bleep Line

Thursday, May 10th

Weddings may SEEM perfect, but there's plenty to complain about. So vent with us!

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Ladies and gentlemen we are gathered here today is joined together. Money your complaint. Bridesmaids. Its feet now. In the thick of it right now who AM is wedding season full on every single weekend they're lined up back to back to back at the churches and you can see this reflected in the number of messages that we did they get slowly ramps up. Through the whole month of June and. I now it's starting to take off Reeves and do the voicemail about every other day now that the sun in your phone 87725. Bride and sent to us. OK so you extra room to being your wedding dress second wedding and sure a plan any wedding. And you owed them money you send them to go in get it took feel it is it is paid for. But that's why we get there to get the tuxedo bit it is not they have water so Crennel waiting if you can't say that when you owe people. If Kyra extent to being your liquids Kalish and then congratulations. Have a good life. Yeah. Columns in our husbands like I'll just save that exceed the dons a tough time right now I'll just pay for their outages right now. And they still owe us from when we tomorrow Wednesday Cracker Barrel for months ago for Father's Day in this and then thing that. And and is not forget and let it ice. I'm married I'm back there. And Larry I need a modern actually I'm going out like he grew up together she hit her hit and that they weren't hanging. Just called me could help me actually reputation can you relate to my writing because her and her boyfriend her cups eat he. Lou didn't ever a year and a half. Can that broken out about it actually comes right where he let it honor I don't. As of friendship an area. Her hair come on sister get out of the sweat pants and pull it together for a seat open bar let's do this half the house come home. Particularly bad simulate and it apparently as the top ranking in the top place frame someone to figure out this web fans get on you continued. He wasn't wearing this whole court race premier righty. I attended a wedding of my one of my excuse family members. It was a balmy economies try to tarnish this video was rushed it. Court which is a translation for adult. And he didn't work and it was about ninety degrees. Tagged turn to me and says you are helping the kitchen. Instead I'm driving optionally be right back there I made a conscious. Program bomb terrorist actions alone she never even Ed thank you I appreciate it. Or eighth inning chatting gratitude I'm so glad to be away smack. Oh I want them you were you or peg into my radio. And what a great description and the. So how about my mother's flat was my best me on my wedding night now running a start going away party. And and everyone talking about the beautiful wedding every why why is walking around to doing around and talking about how my mother what wedge. The best man. Not in a hotel or in Atlanta are friends I. Didn't get any better than Mac. Oh yeah. Where he's got a good team all you can. Yeah oh. Mama and a great reception. Open bar and open mama to reserve James. On the airline. Forty the drive and and yeah. Or forever hold your peace.