The Bridesmaid's Bleep Line

Wednesday, April 5th

Wedding season has barely started but y'all are fired up!


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Okay Terna Nande. And Justin Jan shelf all the things are all about low. Of and mayor ridge and being fresh treated and spending way too much man Cipro at half after you a chance to let it all out. And tell us what has gone wrong with the wedding that you're involved in recall at the bridesmaids bleak line. We'll give it a phone number here in just a second threat to warm you up. Here's what it sounds like when people called to let it all lot. Schmidt thank you your routing paths time and the putter I'm going to hurt you not read our I think your facts are heard. I mean that really a Terry and I am certain part of Mary. It in the eighties and that's at RT. So stupid is it. A little work at extending credit lady. I. Insult. Well I was in Chile it thank you spend 300 dollars aren't right. I it didn't predict it. All hang out. There's all our art and likely would order. Not only and I broke back and sprite brand. OK let's put another bright me attracted to that I've same. NN I'm Greg and Jack I wanted to eat. Being that at least I'd light ice blue. All these ugly out there and higher world and pork eagle probably meet the bright matter. And then he never Wear it again he didn't know my money on it that I. Okay out there Langdon. And we get attacked that it can't yet. And her hacked puke but I am not practical because your parents all have the money to pay your wedding anymore. Although they didn't know we have the money they are letting actress. My length and short on I'm happy comic Ari. Can't believe that I want you don't. Alan my mother. My dad. But other Lou there are at a onto the wedding day and my great. It. Yet there's this complete and utter or. Future moderate or get home might see Eagles and this in my what my little key shot on the close grandma but let's sort it all a pretty big so. Aren't we all understand how real. Our pictures and actually. Earned nine. Under probably Kirk Kirk. What. Look. You want me I feel here. Pressure Carner cleaned. Up and down there loose on younger one. Remember I'm on the Internet. Or did. All right the telephone number. 87725. Bride but that in your found at some point during this whining that your hand right now you're gonna need it. 87725. Bride is the telephone number and all I like to share that conversation continues league championship on FaceBook.