Bridesmaid Bleep Line

Tuesday, June 26th

This Bridesmaid's story was so good, we had to feature her whole voicemail!

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Ladies and gentlemen we are gathered here today and join together. New York. Bridesmaids. Is he now. Weddings like him as you look they have. Lions could drive everyone else isn't totally nuts. So green in the right remains bleak flying for you you're frustrated by a wedding. It's your either and or apart are just attended the free to events to the bridesmaids believe line. We have a special treat for today's episode of the bridesmaids we flying it is and one message. Being left in hushed tones. While the wedding outside of the bathroom she's hiding in is completely melting down hole I don't like it yeah. It is so march fine. Let's go on the ride together. Oh he kind are calling it like he lives Carl and I will actually act regretting right Arnold. Com yeah it and we portal. You know can't turn on some kind of woke so what'd happen if it. To protect what just happened to his speech and in his speech pathology leetch that you put on. He gets are in beach actually read. Hole eight to wonder that you don't like your English and be quiet for your wife it is going on. Because it may emit. Only to repay only six years ago I might. I think Robert I'm with I'm not acquire chemical I cannot believe it's happening but I checked cry me and literally falling and she's crying. I'm the harper hasn't it like totally grapes and not bother to die each week. Really angry and he starts yeah cool features could be future actual and wound because we think I. Event more and you're quite easily quelled. One of your daughter's you don't marry these great guy and weren't going to let her. Are you again do again because college should be different pooled around equaled out to other sister it. I'm. Are believable and matter then. Apart 20 wait they were just everything they pertain to doctors are considered being bad movie except. No and each could get. On parity question but just yeah didn't he didn't want people. All of that and well Italian. I have pictures and the video it's crazy I don't try which he chairs and should not totally like. And maybe it's our turn to eat at this point right now it's our own back to go but they try hadn't rightly I think I. Adds a whole room. Those epic message. And her. On the airline. I don't drive him. Hold your peace Daschle's speech the senator and call my guess is that's the movie. Thanks for making this wedge in the chest congestion. One star not before one.