Bridesmaid Bleep Line

Tuesday, May 29th

Whether you're a bridesmaid, a bride or just crashing a wedding, there's always something to hate on.

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Ladies and gentlemen we are gathered here today to join together. And we are complaining. Bridesmaids. And it feeds now. Weddings are not always about love their very expensive and very frustrating it. And everybody says you Susan well. Hence the rise amazingly fine it's band aids horrific. A week for bridesmaids we blind messages a month I should say. Because as it ramps up. People are are reaching their wits and it's not against the competition. For the eight Siemens who's got the most jacked up wedding experience so the voicemail fills up now a couple times a week and we carry the best messages. All of that voice fell 87725. Pride if you haven't already put in your found. And you can join the ranks of the voicemail believers like this person. Why it didn't hurt that day. I like pretty. I'm Eric and it I don't even I can't. Why she can't hear what they need to hold on nobody knows. Nobody wanted it do it you don't they market every time I do. Not let you want lazy. She did not give her dance on. That's unseeded man and a woman driving home from wedding and who did not wobble fits. And I didn't wanna wobble. And. OK thank you so much Tiffany for this. Horrible experience and not bad pictures it took four and a half I'll Wear. Four and a half hours and by the time we got you there and that's and have dinner every look so egg on it and angry and miserable that. No one incident and afterward and I got a huge fight with my wife and that they can't thank you look pretty bag. For an hours for pictures. As you get beat while riding a unicorn across or rainbow for those pictures I've been no wedding like that and manage how we showed up for their reception. Half of the wedding guests have left and taken their gifts with them and begins they left on the table as they were. Furious that they and waited like two hours nobody aims of the bridal party show. I mean I have especially like all people are hungry and tired legs. The only. I didn't realize this would would this is weighted actually in my own wedding did you guys know that the group that the bright and old people weddings just wait for the cutting of the K yeah. And run for their lives. Well they are waiting for you cut that cake they get a bite they out yeah. Is black but our wedding would we lost fifty red everywhere every parent's friend yet got a cake was cut goal line. Like the last traditional thing you do and then I'm then dancing and drinking whenever continues back as far as I tradition goes oh yeah old people are out in Africa. I mean I think we cut the cake and then wandered over to the bar to do a shot with you all assignment and came back from a war that they. Begala idea beloved by super drunk friends in the dance floor. AME coming compare one to say it thank you so much I feel so special being one of pink T Bragg. I'm I'm glad we've been friends for the past twenty years and that you were able to narrow it down to sixteen and I think bill until I. I feel loved and so happy we won and many many people celebrating you. I want to sixteen and she says are dazzling evening kitty remember all those name as gifts sixteen brackets Henne Corning any thing this. Sixteen at all. Now thanks for getting those sloppy drunk at my wedding that you had multiple order functions. That's exactly would have wanted everybody to remember about I'm letting that girl can duck hang out a whole pack. I. Oh in somebody's gonna hang their staff had a better meet the brightness on saying. Hey buddy can't sweat. I don't care is eighty degrees outside American and give you a glass of water and you can sit here and thank shouting and hold my. I don't think that wedding planner I don't care if you die an agnostic. They. Sounds like he picked the bride down not I know you can come back in I have a cocktail. Speak did not sure I Phoenix. They just cleared their bay. A significant number of wedding planners. Calling this year more than in years past I think at this point they're just they just had it breaking point maybe title nine times for one more. A wedding planner and yeah that's the kind of letting. I go in Claremont and what. I'm not about my career. A lot of playing your what your friends. I only person Annie and Heidi your wedding party taking everybody out eager walking with they're out there beyond that I. More important that it single and I only have the patient letting. I'm mildly. I don't vote for everyone else can I. You everything buckle everyone get their picture and everything to accommodate it or hate it and Juliet act and it iPad for Atlantic. The girl needs just one more at a wrong and everything will be for. Examining airline. 45 I don't drive and and they can now. Hold your peace.