Bridesmaid Bitch Line - May 3, 2016

Tuesday, May 3rd


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Jesse James Giles. Ellen star in 941. It's. Rent we. Tired. And yeah EL. I'm the last time. I'm gonna come out top all around the track. He bridesmaids and leave lying it is a telephone number that we have set out. It's 87725. Brides. And just let it out pretends that it's the bride's voicemail and just speller what you really think about her wedding day. And all the things they see that's you need to do and all the hoops you're having a jam through. You feel better and we get to enjoy it yes now for whatever. Reason this past week has seen a nice chunk of long weaned did a message Weaver's people who have gone on for like. A minute they had a lot to get out yeah where it like beeps because if you are. You had it in an interview are pleased with your message has skill great way what do accords let's press on it. Start I was and even death and I sit here hours over the recent collars to. I was amazed. And under can say it didn't area on it. Why health and we have to spend our dollar hurt or they're only underwear before. You want to 150 dollars isn't quite happy that. He. Well Clinton and you know the number in when you don't want to see he eat he overcame a slow. Oh and massacre like old navy because he's here. Why are you in the swing issues nobody's going to be like oh my arm the outlook so pretty that I'll have matching shoes. Precious. Laurie Matthews you know look at and that they are you learn your own them you can only more dependent people that don't work nobody care. Nobody cares if it didn't. Just that aren't going to squash you look at is look at it this spending 300 dollars on the game. I can you add this on top and Indian born and I think I had it on my younger are. When I would seventy. At this letting them or do it that it had everything in her. And then at the end you're certainly like an easy way. Yeah I hang out when I went to England and last fall and thinking as. Right again not even thinking about let's see how long listen. Okay. All right now keep some anger she feels better series sarcasm. I liken them I would hang out that girl with the bracket and I would. I was amazed and cheaper than therapy. Something I sat out. Cooler however. The one that struck out that truck get out the only actually that I had may. I not. Am that I that I didn't unveil an effort that did not speak with that argument that I went. Very negative or our relationship. Thank issue with the fact that I had my act grant that I hadn't asked that I would thirteen years old. Could be my maid of honor and I had them at their outlook I think that you're you're gonna see my kids and I rang. Well she let her that I didn't hit and hit the tantrum and Jennifer thank you cut off all relationship split me. Because I broke her little heart. Round and yeah she do. And add. See now I'm bass have my husband and I believe I'm on my own values yeah.