Bridesmaid B***h Line - May 24, 2016

Tuesday, May 24th


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Love rejoices in the morning and tells us we appreciate that itself star in 941. Randy. And today. Hey EL. I'm fast time. I'm I'm I Don't Ask Don't Tell all of the. Some things. 87725. Variety is the phone number. Please put it me or comment please tell all of your friend put it on social media spread the word. Doesn't have to be adjusted Jackson. The more people who use it the more messages we get in the better and more on that is news that is for. All of us yeah wedding gives a hotbed of drama complaining mammy it's really it's stressful right especially. Leading up to today. And that we are in the thick of wedding season right now so. You frustrated pick the phone 87725. Brag that you brought up are planning it is the title of our first voicemail is. Good planning idiots. It. I yet are black tie out or letting warned them not only seen sort yes. It'll be let it all. I mean idiots think. You're planning any. OK so we can address shopping idea all the clothing company appointment. Economic policy try to keep that god has given them my card may or sell indecisive. And show up. Democrats need to make decisions every time I try on the track they disappear for command and they're prepping her parents and I hate them. I love them but I hate that all of them made this my pick out that I hate it the right but seriously guys. Together. I am very happy for you I wish you well I don't bother you anymore. Here bright. You and your look at the only cricket you're the culture that really you're breaking it you're eat your heart that there are pulling any humor that I put the other network. I can't you get an effort ever can't break. Little black and. And. You're going to throw flowers. And the UK. He's armed well. What won't. You know there's certain people that might wanna catch it. He's not you know making each and zero I'll make it zero UX. I just get it here. Closest single friend make it up there and make it deep and well I don't care via now. Goats. But talking in practice but you know he's that good or are you the picture. That's frustrating. Think you know a little too seriously and I think it's just a superstition and the next person you catch it about bouquet is gonna get married right. Well I'm sorry that you're mad at actually hear that it let it. That this guy a couple of the board for the her. That's our peak. Really think it is critical when it was gonna finish back cuts for. Really that's not what he. I heard it right are. Equally and well and the day after the wedding. Mad because he hit her head on her what. You'd call rob oh and doesn't ever. And yeah. It. A. How she feels bad. 877825. Bride to spread the word share of the number. Put it on social media anything you can do to help us get people to leave messages like that. Fills a lot of really great time and they should have. We all the time goes down we appreciate it. One. Jessie.