Bridesmaid B***h Line - May 17, 2016

Tuesday, May 17th


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The Japanese game show us sons are not before one. Hi. Renee. I'm bass gotten. I'm not I don't downs all the as things. Here's how words you caught and armour 87725. Bride. You leave a message you can be far. Any one you just pretend it's the voicemail the person you're frustrated red. You let all your wedding related frustrations out maybe it's the bride maybe is an ivy. And Moby mother of the bride beverage is just let them out maid of honor the MOH could be another bridesmaid this is even the associate. Just as an arm and a dad doesn't mean that they can't be tortured you or anybody that whatever it is that you just leave a message. And you let it all out in that when the voice mail gets fall. We emptied out and we get to enjoy. Your. Special. Frustrations. Our great show I Indiana Weddington act at. All. What I'd like yeah. And on. I act I act. You. Now. All that but it. 210. Dollars. You know much at what you want and all he not any while I was. At other. I'm not. The airline and yeah. Okay I'm going to tell half the people that have not responded to attacked the united starting unit that was. I it starts and I am going to kill him that's a good one. OK I am going to sell half the people that not responded to bear the heat from my wedding. You cannot understand that I actually happens to order food and quantity and they already cable and think it's home recruit that had invited him and they just can't even say yet turn out that occurred occurred at the check in and and the second part of that is the American people that hang they can't come but they feel they need to tell you every single eat the last two YE. Mean he could make them guilty the end of the day being up right is. Well I do not need to know that he Tucker why can't they can't get you have to bring your. Either grant currency hit soccer game and then back into actually take character's sister lives and like I just. No I don't care do not because now I need to tell me. Yes or no are you coming in Egypt are at CP at the appropriate time. At a tiny lack of that. Right villains are the worse even the most unassuming women grow Claude Allen I national. Hey he's. Ever were how swarming at that time I and as I. Why it certainly wasn't my special day. I figured I did. Almond. Or didn't this. Is 200 he had an announcement. I. Yeah I national hey that's how I still hate it. Our old sheet being in weddings for a couple of reasons but. Same note sitting in the letting can be an incredibly difficult situations. I. The telephone number is 87725. Bride. Put it in your phone to tell your friends share with everybody you know because the more messages we get. It. The more messages that we get the more fun that we all get to have enjoying. The. Now. Starting 841.