Bridesmaid B***h Line - May 12, 2016

Thursday, May 12th


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Round game. And maybe hell yeah I'm that's the. I could go down without power. I was amazed. Think if this where it was gonna finish that could affect everything about that movie night and I. A lot of that. Yeah are in the midst of a wedding drama I used us as the lifeline. 87725. Bride is the line you have to call and treat it. As if it is the bride's voicemail put your founding use it 87725. Brack. Let's revisit our favorite message from the last round of voicemails. Other foreign murdered. Our simply better chance at. All of. Why did I even actually your hands. CNN today the writing group do not want war they care about anybody else's opinion but there. And that's. Some are you sick of being asked to having ignored that as chair of either that or users have terrible I'd suggest you got a point. I remember I made and I have then like dealing with all of this weddings are the it and really tight about it and other Utley and it is all the parties. To me yesterday you gave him pretty gassed there at the bachelorette at least some again. And then I didn't get a lot more. Like. Asthma I mean you're getting a lot more like. Me and her aunt ET RE the only single people who are getting that must work. And what that in order that a couple and just friends like only to meet the right now I don't come into play and knocking anyone ever awarded the couple. Knee and he gonna be like his swing getting in the order your picked up. That's my problem. If it's avail the end yeah I'd like to ask you situations like that is who the winners and d.s justice. Our own or murdered our. Q we isolate winners they're justice for me now. That I come in handy I don't know where memories analyze the. Whoever started this lagging pretty clear full and on that that's what they're uncomfortable enough. Now if he hadn't it's working. And I can do think traditional things are and aren't all the gas. But this uniform on in rural America rehearsing and track. This this this I think. It actually. It's even more horrific to think if you can't usually videotaped and permanent but there aren't you you are like a million strangers suggestion for inaction. I mean nobody yes hurting for cricket ball. Doesn't like to group dances and one last one from this round it. I hate tribe like eight is where it's just so dot. So you know hold yours now and the series the only way that I can I put added is I pray Mayo will hurt or. Bringing them should be illegal drug. Let me. Then and it's a good time. Yeah. Love that in the end. I. Rounded gets better and better of origin closer and closer to the actual. Wedding Lejeune the big wedding month right and I can generally getting creative now and love 87725. Bride. Put that remembering your phone. Tell your friends about it have them put it in their found. It's especially good I would like you're some calls. From actual weddings that people who snuck into the bathroom MetLife met in this portable Porta potty trailers that you have to use while you're right. Yeah. Really think that this group went to finish backup. Restaurants schools. Good Japanese yen gel or maybe more wanna.