Bridesmaid B***h Line - May 10, 2016

Tuesday, May 10th


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Or one. Randy. Wow. And yeah EL. Her yeah. And I'm not I don't doubt he's the as an agent. Love is a wonderful thing. Janet's take extreme emotion it brings out the best stands the worst in people. But around the wedding you can't display the worst. Yet it keeps adding even when the bride displays the works you've got to keep it and write its per day it's that bride's day. That's why we created. It's. The the telephone number is 877. Q five bride. It's a beautiful little voice mail that you can pretend is the bride's. He is. The maid of honors is a fellow bridesmaid. And wedding gas anybody can use it we we caught the bridesmaids because we like liberation. But anybody affiliated with a wedding music here's my favorite part of it is even if you're not involved in a wedding and all you get to laugh at these points and staff and the messages command. And they sound a little something like this. I pulled a competition is currently writing a bad and who dragged battered and who hired mark Gingrich hard in a different bells. You're able. Everyone else go and it hurt he threatened and an earache. Screen Hattie chartered from carrying our heart and yeah. It did so well it won't and you love it. Awkward social kind of people you don't know Turkey Alito Blake. Like that want to hurt the uncle lucky that your group even though you're supposed to be related and complete creep you out. And a Yahoo! creed Stern's thing well. OK let's have another bright me drafted because I think my. I had a stress. And I'm Greg and Jack I wanted to. Something that at least I'd light I don't have to love it heavy and light hit it I have to able to Wear it again I salute. All these are ugly out there and higher world or even where it's probably meet the brighter the better. And then he never alerted that he spent so much money on it. So that's one thing I. A hotel. I ever let me let me ask you questions and refer you keep playing these messages. Universally. The addresses for the bridesmaids are heated. You've been OK the universe it's just again and so why is it still an issue that shouldn't you just accept the fact. If you are gonna be a bridesmaid. In a wedding. The dress that you were assigned to where you're never gonna wearing and it's terrible and it's a one time purchase. Well I think it's typical about is it feels like it disposable dress that you're spending more money on than you would spend on address you're gonna Wear a hundred kids in your closet. That's the hard part is like flushing. 40500 bucks down the toilet. But you know you care about address nearly as much as the bragged but that's like being mad that your years spent in three drives on a plane ticket let job. Molly and the air for three hours I should be able to cruise around and am breakdown get a salad it's on then it just seems like a ridiculous amount of money to invest in such a short. I'm not time here's one wedding it. Bridesmaid or something and she is feeling the burn. I hate weddings so much because they're not sexist thing in the world. He have to act. He left the scene changed when he picked the Shanghai and then my energy tax UK game on her forehead. Mean come on. Hey Brian that. What the hell is your problem. I have witnessed that she used it when I'm acting like would be like he UK Burke. Without American girl while getting every. Film the case I think she means that the brightest and see. Pratt and a little bit of a bad mood is that what she's giving him and then this is my favorite wine from a the last batch let's remember all the victims. Of a wedding day. I'll I'll root for murdered our. Yeah but that's. They just enjoy and Shia. Yeah. They're growing complaints and murdered Palau heard the murdered flowers there 87745. Friday put it in your phone. Do you or making the switch today Jesse.