Bridesmaid B***h Line - June 14, 2016

Tuesday, June 14th


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It's. Sweet she's done is not known. It's one. I understand show. Yeah we. Okay. Me yeah not bass yeah just my movement content and I don't doubt the as an aged. Do you consider it therapy your entertainment. Both. There they base their team. Fish therapy if you'd call at 87725. Bragg it's wedding season where in the thick of it right house of anything about a wedding stretch and you just call. Let it out it's therapy and impress receiving its entertainment. Hi my best friend is earned him partnered with frightening hurt she and her family is terrible. So freaking boring. That that they are planning on Holmgren is that he until he he has. She can thank you reception to be over which is another child letting welcome in the party and you'll want to use it on currently tractor all super boring. Does this match. It's not a matter Bahrain traveling in from out of town and you clues in the bar at nine. Now I am and supremely frustrating but I just got a phone call from my arm strength to deny that strengthened kindergarten. She called me an athlete he has made a bomb. Well. That would what are until two days later I found out that she. And firm crackle with the army potter at. There are. Which is in. Now did it literally going to yank into the bright to me that other car is. Could see. Now we're literally fighting unplanned. Want to do I don't know like opening that nobody should hit. Whose people look at meter maid of honor our. Really think that this Republican it was gonna finish backup. A little all. Off 10 last. Ollie and mark apple wine at the back while he's out. Idol but like my only question if I make a couple of at all. He looked it and all of that will act as far as not what on track he wants it in the capital gains. And at the right now. Look at all of humor you know our apartment it can call. A little below but it's a I think it's sort of the current low angled look terrible next here on our. An obvious almost I think it would act so. You figure I don't get it. I think you know on their. Day in what are. You. Says it's as C I was saying yellow stuff yellow at the tough though because she said to address those yellow that's going to big birds out there and it's the right. I did that a friend normal. The odds are actual. Lungs in it and discuss that made it an important. When he was flirting. By trying. I think unique and literate relatives. Awesome. Yeah I mean really if it's. It's it's our lack. Well. All. And then we will end this round of the bridesmaids complete line with some words of advice from a bride who's been okay. In the morning. All of drag out hair not have a red line and they're let the my wedding couples cannot and one of my lovely. Bread and wine all over I'm mr. Now on. A Mac person felt horrible. It Linda nicer act and I pictured that it as easily. Did you. Horrible at that for every line where you want out there at that. Oakley and red line you. Don't like me. And. We'll rent me. You. Guy. They'll Oklahoma jail. Pass. And oh. Are. Just. And 87725. Bride. Sherrod and social media to please tell all your friends and you have to call you can't text. That would probably elicit some really great stories we need to call and tell us of that yet in union don't have to use your name. And he has led an all out why are you frustrated wire you have said. Why is she making you traveled in New Orleans for a six day long bachelorette party. You guys could just as easily goes stated that aired an obvious where. At a bar there. Fine. These tiny five bucks a the bridesmaids believed line 8772. Fry them pride please use the number and use an office. Are making this wedge to let's just show shall certainly April.