Bridesmaid B***h Line - June 1, 2016

Wednesday, June 1st


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Thanks for being a part of it. Job so I know people want to. Rent game. Hill not bad ass out to my content I'm out our active. The bridesmaids. Believed line. Is used. We know that June is the month he believes Jens June 3. I can't believe it's already here June alone is that a month for weddings June is the mind whenever he gets married and view it is the mind. Where. We're gonna reach a boiling point. With people who are frustrated. Right sailors it over the top mother. At. Under reasonable maids of honor. And he broke the as they've been spending money on bridal showers and bachelor. And it's not an edit them lighting conditions and days mean. Does anybody have. Ninth round sweep in the past 24 hours we've received. Three messages. We'll play these. In order of shortest to longest because. Their rage bills and then after the fifth and the I think you might have to have a quick discussion about it and I think we may have a group discussion about them okay the range bill as the rate of male. Number one is just mad. Aunts aunt travel arrangements. How do you handle the IRO. Ease your frequent flier miles. To look at it to nineteen in the summer. All of packaging yet when he tracked at her inside your wedding day and not just our war on. And my frequent flier miles. Waiting for you and your fiance can figure out what you're gonna do with your eyes. You can't get our. Then that we are gonna get I think largest or second or third message. From a main in involved in wedding day festivities this is actually coming from. A groom who got married over the weekend. From from actually. Room. Yeah and I when it mattered to suppress it and my heart that they have Schuettler tomorrow sir. My rehearsal dinner when president. You're bristles. And use the name. Or slow for an all over and all the whole. Jets kept saying her name saying her name it and turn it over and over at this that was brokered he didn't even know you're making state. She's looking at least here in front of Aaron Gordon giving over the side. Horrible. Polluted our truck in here he. If that speech a good reception. He did it was foreign artists news. On all. Look at what you gonna charming funny or anything uses vast and with the disastrous. Aren't you feel better prepared. At. Me the rooms. Though orders and then this and oh requires sixty seconds discussion after it's over this is from a maid of honor. Who is upset that she's not getting enough attention from the bride. Her ID act and a maid of honor at best friend's wedding and I NE and getting Sheila breaking point with her you know each other her senior of our lives. You know she's having you on these things her wedding right you know and the bachelorette party. Help her it's our. I mean. And so I answer. Yell at them and something honor etiquette she would it be like. Just something the wedding. For example our friends are. You know like. Played ire for not saying that seagate is that our hat and the I like her wedding you know I don't anything that some of the examples of that is that it got. Harder. Be able to martini for all the work I'm letting banks telling me he acknowledges that I it. And but I and to quote her I'll be here anyway she can play. Telling me that she. Only you know let her mother are on. Line. Apparently have. It's time. They incorporate Miami using the wedding. Look at you like it. But I I don't know in front of her. I. It's a little far reaching right. It's a little self centered I understand it she wants to be honored by the Brad and I think she's coming up at the wrong ways to do it a flu. The food I ours and other yeah. Outlet that's in the Obama and I've listened at the first time as it's treason anonymous the second month I know what's that movie where the guy. Shows his wedding video to the girl and it's just pictures of her and then she realizes that he's in love it there and teammates in my house I'll love actually yeah action crazy dude. Where's lovely bride beauty. 87725. Bride need to step it up this month. It's wedding month 87725. Bride. I share it with your friends take it with you to weddings you're going to spread the word for us and social media as the more great messages we get. The better. This is. It's. Thanks for being a part of it. Job so I know people want.