Bridesmaid B***h Line Best of the Best

Thursday, July 7th


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One. They didn't show. Janet weddings. That is wrapped up and viewers that getting married for the wedding primetime and it wrapped that we the end of. It's true yeah it was the mega. Day and telling. It's fully weddings and for the past few months we have had. And Obey and and available for your messages and. You'd need to go right thank you so much for reaching out and leaving messages like special like all the ones. That street the voicemail as it were the bride's quick hits now. We have had some epic messages on the yet this is. The best. Oh I was amazed. Lion. I can't believe that I went and semi finals day. And Alan I'm not I am. That my. Mother. And on wedding day and night. Are there. That's mine. You gotta get a new bridal suite after that right you can't TV news as you and. Okay I got it right means stressed that because as I say my money on it at. And I'm Greg and Jack I want it CP. But at least I light I don't have the love it early and late hit it I had able to Wear it again I. How to all of these are ugly it throughout the entire world sport where it's probably meet the right look better. And can never Wear it that he spent so much money on it. I. Can't feel a little bit but I did every bridesmaid he has suspends. As much money as we spend on dresses 400 dollars. Unaddressed they're gonna Wear for a couple of hours and not sit. I know what you're saying is I get to that in part her power that can happen. Aren't he track that only look aren't here yet that. That brings back on the cavaliers. And heat my belt in the pictures get her to our base there. I'm excited to have this is that the Verizon's. You couldn't ask friends for eight years. I introduced you your husband's. Let me are you planning not just not surprise me. Part of your way out but only time that all of a pattern. Right. Now I'm. Out of the maid of honor highway. I've are an. Think you're getting it in Asia it is so you're now. Love you are saying. Could it. Up almost four murdered our grandparents. And. I MI unit 01 them lives and. Opt out of four murdered our. Do we have one issue goes it's a special day and I forgot about it and learned. I remember I made and I pay them then like dealing with all of his wedding got a ticket and really kind about it is that not of Utley tied to it all the parties. It's a neat yeah and gave him hurry yes. That's correct it lately we get. And it I didn't get a plot line you act like I am I mean you're getting a lot more like. Me and her aunt geeky right the only single people who are getting a flux work. And what that I ever felt that a couple until render it over you'll meet the right now I don't come at a wedding and knocking me anymore everyone in the a couple of knee and he going to be like when getting in the quarter. That's my problem. They can't do you know he did and. Lean mean at the end there. Although or murdered. Our I think where it ends up. That is the bridesmaids. Believed the line. Best. Hope you enjoyed the number will still be active but. And I can add it probably and it's kind of messages it's wedding season is. Is behind us it's dwindling for the hot governments can we bring this back up in the fall absolutely populist route. And she did Lou I. Today. EL. I'm bass have. When I'm on Don't Ask Don't Tell are the group. Some things. Big thanks to everybody who attended weddings and called the bridesmaids bleak line this season. Because the hand you're misery was our entertainment that thank you so much. One. Appreciate Shia.