Breaking and Entering: We Found The Family

Thursday, November 30th


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Okay Terna Nande. And Justin Jan show all the net. Breaking and entering Christmas is something. That a friend of mine in California has done for two decades. We'd stole the idea for a well you are gonna find if and we have found a family who does not have the means to have a good Christmas this year this is. I'm dangerous stealing breaking and Aaron and frank there's a lot of laws didn't hug. And ended that we're about to tell you about this family. Who who desperately needs a Christmas miracle. And we are going to have. Are our friends at Ackerman security. Step in and help this them so we're just acting as the intermediaries. To to break and and terror is very first house is very first Christmas and the Japanese Asia. We found a family who is led by a single mom. And she has two children. Currently and is expecting it. A third and and it works in part time position. And so if she's not working and she's not getting paid its hourly right rights and and so. Things coming up with a another baby do you are going to be challenging. And she's also just been diagnosed. With cervical cancer I know. So win it they become this she is going to have to immediately have some surgery. And immediately following that have some chemotherapy. So she's going to have. To children. And newborn. Andrea undergoing chemotherapy. All at the same time and if she's not working she's not getting paid. So. She's really worried about what what's gonna happen what happens to the roof over their heads what happens you know and certainly. Coming up on the holidays. That means that things are gonna be. Pretty bleak around the extra. It's sharp and I this is where. We step in and our friends and Ackerman security stepped in to make sure. Santana has her ant traps so our friends at Ackerman security have gotten a list from a some people who know this family very well. And it includes all of the sizes that children where. It includes all of the Tories at the children includes all of the needs that the new baby needs that mom doesn't. Yeah because we found out mom doesn't have a credible or car seat or all of those baby items that you need to have when a new one is coming. She doesn't have as her other two kids are a little bit older says those things are not by this point is she's nine year old and a five year old and so. To start over with another new born she needs all of those baby things and so. Ackerman security says OK we got test. So I starting today they are gonna go shopping for this family. They are there any air all of those items. They're gonna gift wrap them and then next week we are going to break into her house when she is my parent the kids are not there. And we're going to deliver Christmas they get to come home to Christmas miracle and we need this. We need to say this is just an idea that we mentioned in the show Monday morning we just mentioned and said look. This is there were I an idea that that a radio station in San Diego's time for a hundred years and we wanna steal. And in 72 hours. Ackerman security prodded up at the one of their staff meetings and they call us instead we wanna help where the shopping and the delivery of the items. We were able to find a family that has. All of the needs and that that we can meet and I'm desperately. Needs a good Christmas this year. And they're in the minor league actress there entire call center is like we're gonna do all the rap being like everybody there has gotten on board this idea and can't wait to. Deliver. This breaking and entering Christmas miracle of skimming Sokol. Next week we're actually going to DO we're gonna break in her house in delivered Christmas a thank you thank you thank you. Army and we have countless emails from people who wanna help and we're just trying to organize has. You gotta give that this family steps up and such a big way African. That we. Through a wedding in ninety minutes marriage go together. Dollar great everybody every single person has right now is awesome so thank you and give give his chance to get organized as we're gonna find a way that everybody can help. I'm but as of right now know that it's happening and and every step of it is gonna happen I'm on the radio so. And if you want to reach out and help other families deathly reach out to SMS messages on they spoke or you can reach out there's time for one LE NN dot com like just said let's get. A few things organized behind the scenes amber we're gonna have some more ways for you to be able to give back and feel really good in your heart this holiday season. Are all like to share that conversation continues league championship on FaceBook.