Breaking and Entering: Going Shopping

Friday, December 1st

These 3-word insults are all you need to throw the perfect shade. 

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Okay Terna Nande. And Justin Jan show all of now. This season to believe any magic. And the definition challenge star Manny for one wanna make some magic happened for one family. Who otherwise. Wouldn't have a Christmas this year. Yeah this is a idea there was Boren and a radio station in San Diego they've been doing it. For tune deck in my body and there's been good for over two decades. It's called breaking and entering Christmas. He literally breaks into someone's house who's not going to have a holiday. Live he calls them his through them elves. Jim is they break into the house. Apps they decorate the whole house to fill the refrigerator in the cabinets with. With holiday food they put gifts under the tree. They they just they they bring Christmas into household. That otherwise wouldn't be able to celebrate I feel a second picture with the twinkling lights everywhere little candy canes here on almost would smell good when they come home and then he leaves the house in his could themselves leave the house shut the door behind them Lockett. And this. Hours later that family returns from where wherever they were. And walks into a home that that it would literally has a Christmas miracle says so beautiful and so. And it did this idea came out there that I was talking to him by the ideas I'm really wanna do this in Atlanta and he came up on the show a couple times earlier this week. Our friends at Ackerman security. Called incentive you guys can find the family then we. Can help you with the shopping. We've with the cost with the gift wrapping and will even help you deliver will be either out of the Mel's Torre if you need help with that cell. Kelly cheese engine meaning Ackerman security. I got started because we did indeed find her family. We found a family this is a single mom who has two kids they're nine and five and she is working really hard to provide for them. Her job is hourly pay day. And lately that's been difficult because she's expecting a third child. And she was also just diagnosed with cervical cancer so she's looking ahead at. The baby's gonna have become. I believe at the beginning of the year as soon as that happens she's gonna have to have some surgery and start chemotherapy treatments and so. With all of those things inside eight. The holidays and Christmas is is coming far down on her list of things to worry about and be able to do so we found out that for the baby on the way. She needs all kinds of baby items like crib and a car seat and you know basic things like that and she really wants to be able to provide. A Christmas for her kids they're nine and five their right and that's super fun. Age where Christmas is magic called but she doesn't think that that's going to be a possibility this year. So Kelly what did you and our new friends at from insecurities and yesterday afternoon doing. We went and got every thing on their Christmas list everything really. And so our friends are helping us with the Stanley sent a list of things that they want and things and they really do need. And I was afraid you know you send summing over. And you ask say hey this is their listing kids have big imaginations like you love puppies are fall wheelers or things like that but they did have bigger items on the air like. And Nintendo. Or like the Nintendo switchers is like a really big thing Ali can I iPad. And on site I wanna get on anything I cam by you ever ask for too much. Act criminals like Morgan everything. Ever getting things every well and it's. We don't sound all of it and the people along march you're super nice Ackerman did a great job of making sure that the location and went to had everything on the list so. The iPad was in the back waiting for us at the mention this which was in the back waiting for us like Baylor. Also bomb ready to help and we went man with our Ackerman Elvis shirts on and hats. And their employees who did know what was going on sort of asking and asking how they could help. And we split up into teams and we got. Everything I ran as a stroller a bed for the global way. I mean little void has had a bad doesn't have a bad only via so we got all of yesterday and I plan. And decorations and decorations. I mean they're just gonna walk and it's going to be magical for them some really really my ass the next step is figuring out how do we bring again. Well the next step is we have to wrap all of this stuff on hand and gates and had to come down sprinkles a magic and it right okay I'm and then next week. That that organization that helped us find this family is gonna give us a couple days when they know they're not going to be in the home a kind of and then. We go in there and we're gonna get one of those giant battering rams and the use and the TV show cops were smashing the front. Don't know I don't know L Carolina Simone. Nanos flash bang and JP uniter crawl in honor elbows and read error I. And power exams. Will. Get more work it'll work on those details of that committee he should now have figured out. All I like to share that conversation continues league championship on FaceBook.