Breaking and Entering: The Ackerman Call

Wednesday, November 29th

We want to help Santa pull off a Christmas Miracle to a family that needs it most. 

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Okay Terna Nande. And Justin Jan show old now. For the past few days we've been talking about this idea this thing called breaking and entering Christmas. It is an idea that hey radio friend of mine in San Diego started like. Two decades ago. Where they've literally find a home a household where Christmas is not going. This is some possible they've hit. Down on their luck yet and it's just an idea arrest your for that family. But your friend and his radio show come in and make Christmas magic cap and totally behind the scenes that you're all low key figure in the background. And it may. Go into the house breaking and are into the house. Completely decorated for Christmas but guess under the tree loads of free agent with all the Christmas food that the family might need. If there's some slick special needs that the family might have they'll leave yourself some gift cards on the table. You know to help with the cost of those special needs. And they've done it every year for twenty years and it's awesome. So they go and do all of this in the house and then disappear yeah. And that's and the family comes some and there's just a Christmas miracle waiting for that and part of the add charm of the whole thing is the the radio station and my body will never admit what house he hoped what year. So. The families sometimes because he's been doing ever songbook all the radius Asian day or did you guys see this and he denies. All. All that's so sweet and what and we wanna do this is you talk to him and he said sure doing Elena spread their Christmas magic over to the sack that. And so we've got to priority caller on the phone right now this is so exciting nick who is the marketing director at Ackerman security has been listening to us talk about breaking and entering. And he likes all right. I like I think. I want him out first ball I would participate we'll get broken an entered in a negative way so I get it it's been a positive way here is what I'm thinking I actually had a meeting yesterday. I'm the marketing director for Pacman that you said do all that we had a meeting yesterday and I pitched the idea. Due to the people in my meetings and we want our breaking one we wanna handle. This promotion we want this to be an acronym promotion. So when you say cover everything. Google shopping will get all the gifts and all the goodies that you need where it would help he deliberate. Will we'll decorate the house on the whatever we'll take care we wanted to do at all. You're gonna actually help us do the breaking an entering this time. Instead of protect against Clinton. I think this is a fabulous idea your buddy. Can avoid said he was that it's done it for many years. Tellem might be a great idea and yet he gloved the ball. A snake that is giving me goosebumps right now while. Okay awesome I'm excited to be involved. This sounds like it's fabulous way I want and they really for everybody looking to kind of get around Christmas spirit to lob. I nick thank you so much I'm seriously tearing up right now you have no idea I mean this is going to change someone's life this is gonna change. Right course of a family is life this year and it's just it's exactly why this holiday season is. All now I'm lucky I love listening to eat out in the morning and I appreciate you allowed to be involved so. I while you know when and where and what would it down. I we're gonna get to work and finding the very special family and that is going to be the recipient of our first. Ever breaking and during Christmas and now. We have a security company on board perfect for breaking and entering with Ackerman. Security gaffes and I explained and if the police officers I think right. All right let me when you don't want to go eat out. I nigam will be in touch rate after the Charest. OK okay you guys being very few semis now. I.s please tell everybody Ackerman thank you. All like to share that conversation continues league championship on FaceBook.