Breaking and Entering

Monday, December 11th


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Okay Terna Nande. I'm Justin Jan shell hole. So we had a really really amazingly. Magical afternoon yesterday and cannot wait to share the story with you all. About our first ever breaking and entering Christmas with adjustment and show. Man if you have been listening to they show the past couple weeks you've heard this thing come together on the air. Basically just shared a idea that a friend of mine is time for twenty years where he finds a household that's not gonna have Christmas. And he'd invade that house old. Unbeknownst to them homeowners and gives them. A Christmas it's called breaking and entering Christmas and he's done it for twenty years I'm San Diego with the different radio stations he's worked at and I said. Joseph I can do that. Are pros are we to a wedding for somebody in one day remember that Jen in her listeners who commits I just threw it out that's like this. Would it take two days before Ackerman called us back. Our friends Ackerman security heard the idea of Maryland we love this we wanna get behind it and they embrace it fully so. They were the ones who took care of all the toys went shopping they got all kinds of different volunteers from their call center to come forward and rap all the gifts or this family. They've just been super hands on to make this possible. And guy in it other people step down we'll explain how how it all went but here's Jeanne needs and how we can. Really. We're gonna have a family time we can't really let you. Here with the children's laughter sounded like when they saw this but we did get a video. Master there's a cousin who knew. What was going down so filmed the kids coming home but ya all collectively is that your average range of family. I think you change the direction of three lives Esther. The family that we found is as single mom and two kids and one on the way and you've probably heard as the sweet talking about her but it's not. You I don't know. Yet that she's facing a couple of tough months ahead. She has a baby on the way babies gonna come early in January right after that she's gonna fight cervical cancer says she's gonna have to have surgery and chemotherapy. This is a hard work and momma who. Takes care of her kids and works so hard to make sure that they've got a roof over their heads and is food on their plate but. She works hourly so she's not working she's not getting paid so knowing that she's got these two months ahead worse can have a newborn. And as cancer battle she's been saving every last penny to make sure that she can take care just the basics. So wanna holidays come around that's all the extras so she's not gonna have the extras this year. And so on which we found her through an organization called Chris 180 and they said you couldn't help and nicer mom. He couldn't help a better family tennis. Yang names if I'm gonna try to explain the before Janet and then LA UNG explain the after OK okay so. We get to their house yesterday after every gathers in the pardon that we opened the door. And it is. From our buried. Basically decorated apartment. There are Bible scriptures on the wall they've got Jan moved what was the Wendy's Sauer we first walked and there's a shock or that how to quote on their about how god provides and I just immediately start it is so. I there's a little living room with just and a couple of couches there's a and I TV and the kitchen in the head you know other than normal kitchen staff but the refrigerator was pretty empty right and they need of stairs and and mom has a room. And I daughter has around and son has around the sun doesn't have a bed. So he would sleep that night you have a room to spend time member you sleep at night with his sister or with his mom but. He's never had a bad he's what five or six years old he's never had a bad season same firm and for awhile so. Says the before picture looks like. All these people from anchorman. And from DMS plant who did the decorating and from Chris 180 and from a dinner affair. I ailing in right wind lectures and like mentally think of a clown car just filling this up I'm space with people. And somebody gets to work upstairs. Building a bad. Somebody has to work putting up a Christmas tree GP gets alert you on top Heidi the GP start cleaning up the refrigerator I told my mom she got so mad and issues like. You Jennifer strange surely did this year hardy didn't do for your own but you. JP and our street Jimmer scrubbing. The inside of the refrigerator to make room for this route from a dinner affair. And hygiene and jam that are organizing it literally amount of gifts and that's the before. And the after is it just this gorgeous. I mean Christmas scene from the tree to the decorations. The kitchen counter had. Snow on it with little gingerbread houses or kids have put together and decorate. To a mountain of groceries that law helped take care of this family for the next month that was all stacked up so. You know so all kinds of different foods there dinner affair literally stuffed the refrigerator and the freezer. Full of meals this is fresh ingredients that you put together and make me also it's all the recipes right there and all the things you need is just put it together and you've got. I delicious warm dinner right there they stacked. The refrigerator in the freezer so even when she's going to treatment and they left to gift a gift card behind. So that if she's in the mists of treatment or with a newborn she can just column up and have more meals delivered right to her front door. And Jeanne white happened when you have stairs and turned to the rights. You can't. Enamored I'm so sorry yesterday went. So emotional and beautiful lake so we can't think you know better than. And end a critic and a stroller and all of this stuff and you know I'm putting the present under the tree and remembering. What each of them lines and seeing it on the list like exceed all of it come together like at the end of it I kinda lost. You know you really like. I'm really I kind of held it together promote cemented by the end you saw everything come together and it just made me realize how much. Biz job is like it's incredible we can do end. Whatever came together to put together for this billion is just like. These two families that kind of have to deal with this and should be able to help at least one. Is is the most ceiling that's held in a really really long time and from the last weaker it's only been doing this. I mean people call up and just asking what they can do having someone offer to pay for her rent seem all the messages on FaceBook like what presents can recover what we did that help peel. How can really help other families with this and just see how far that it could go still like those little my mom would. Always find at least one person in the grocery store around Christmas time that may be down on their luck and always paid for their groceries and I grew up thinking like one little thing could really make someone's day in and FEMA yesterday you picture who's just there 600. So you alone would really do and it did the CEU like everyone to me that's possible look at the record. Like. I am sobbing on the radio the but it's amazing what we did it whenever it came together and all the listeners thank you for everything that you offered him forever oh my gosh okay. Artists and. It's gonna keep rambling bit. Just think Q it is his job as. Incredible anonymous situation where we're not gonna tell you who the feeling is or share pictures of their home our share pictures of their kids but. I just said we got a video. Sent through mom last night of the kids going into the house and they got home from school and just absolutely running around like crazy and screaming and going. And it was so it was easily our. It's a loss Elena do it every day. We don't tell them I was last they don't know. They don't know lets us and if they called to ask we're gonna deny okay. So this is it true work of the Ackerman security elves and all of our Jeff and tension of feeling of listeners who came together to make this possible thank you so much to DMS plant. Mean those women. They had a plan and their plan looks like interests. There I mean today paid his whole lounges sparkle it was beautiful. Know when you go to the mall and I Santa is there and you get did have majored give your list to Santa. Their house looked like. The area where Santa sets yeah. Exactly Euro. Is just gorgeous stockings were hung and reads and twinkling lights and agrees that little gingerbread house's name in decline isn't. As just it was just awesome for a feeling that is about to face a pretty tough attorney here in the next couple months we we definitely. And you. Our Jeff ninja feeling made this possible it's just awesome. Last time we for Christmas agreeing to it again. You know I think we could. Premiere didn't really hurt volunteer team and how did it. Even to the yeah. We'll get right hand and thank you everybody thank you. Thanks for making this wedge to the chest congestion out of one star not before one and it.