Breaking and Entering

Wednesday, November 29th

We want to help Santa pull off a Christmas Miracle to a family that needs it most. 

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Okay Terna Nande. Yeah and show all net. Yeah. We've got a big idea for the holidays are run by you guys and wanna get in on this as we brainstorming. This is some that a radio friend of mine in California Stanford chewed decades now and emirates are doing later today. To get the details but the short version of its top breaking and entering Christmas. The short version of these is this. They find a family who's not gonna have a great holiday sees. Yeah for whatever reason and that Santorum. Might not be able to make a long stop at their house. Right just somebody of failing down and out could be I don't want to make it back shore could be. Maybe in the deal with a really bad illness over the course of of of the year years maybe. Somebody lost their job looks. Circumstances campaign. And it's going to be a tough December. And wipe my Buddy Guy is is he gets a bunch of frames of his from his radio Asia. And they go to this person's house. With Christmas decorations with food for the refrigerator with yet still put in to victory. And when the people are home they literally breaking into the house. Decorated load up the strange set up a tree stockings and the man twinkle airline and every way as. I can just picture so that when the family comes home they're like why at that Hank and it's a Christmas. Because they're breaking and in our interest and he's he's done every year for. As long as I've known him and he's been in radio longer and I think these and is it when he. Fifth year of doing. All that's so cold yes so they do they talk about the feeling on the pair are built tell this story of the family but okay it's completely anonymous like the family. The family's not cut out there right to the public in were just hey we visited a family may be in this county are acting like correct OK so it's they don't put it out there and and and the only way in and help the family is. Is. What he organizes so it's not like there's a fund raise or go find me or anything after that. It truly news. In instinct Christmas merry. So cruel I am guessing all of his listeners wanna be apart. Yeah and donate stuff or bring stuff by the radio station that he can take to the house and to let our 1000%. So IE -- was talking domains that I would love to do this in Atlanta and he is it's yours. These edits so long with a name like breaking and entering but is is trademarked or whatever it is is like his knee is you can do it. I want somebody to do this and every statement countries. Do it on star Manny for one and I'll help sort of a great so we started talking about a couple days ago in Maine. And I realize I'm going know how to break in the Summers house incidents that we need to learn. How to break and we need to know how to break in that we need to find the and we that needs help and we need view. I'll organize Jeff's engine Cho family in the listeners for stuff like her cherry and the lights in the presence in the rapping in the twinkle in the tinsel on out all the stuff for whatever is needed we can't crowd source or whether our own little community and then we go. We break. So were doing we only got a couple weeks oppose this sop you realignment is well aware and I have a caller on the countdown the advent calendar starts sand I have a call with him later today to find out exactly how like how you get the and we out of house. What time of day you do it what do you do have a dog colonel armor. I don't know crazy uncle with a gun that was last Saturday. I was so I I'm gonna talk through some of that stuff with ham Amanda. We're gonna figure out how different fame when he wrote to figure out. How to organize all people in and within the next week TO. Alas this is going to be cynical that's called breaking and entering Christmas and we'll see if we can. Pull it off with the jet engines I mean we we create a wedding in two hours are that of this community you people everybody listening. Made a wedding happened in two hours so really that. We can be a partisan Christmas magic yeah so I salute keep keep listening for for details and have any ideas or suggestions animal long. Amortized Lebanese army to make it's more. Info and will be back on the radio that. Cool I like to share that conversation. Continues league championship on FaceBook.