Break Up With Them For Me

Friday, September 29th

Listen here to find out just how awkward our first try at this new segment went! 


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Okay Terna Nande. And Justin Jan show old now. It's happening. You're so mad. Our fans the minute segment breakup with them and to date me. Veteran guy a getting him on the front right now. Who went to pitch him I'm not so. I'm breaking up this current girlfriend and dating her. She is on standby. There's all happening. In finding him fleet. Lee honest I am pretty nervous right now tonight you're nervous I was nervous. How are you share on competent and I want on Connie humanely feel confident after he talks about this I know you're nervous man named this segment is called. Break out weighed them. For army and banks only officially decided that's those are now we had nice things about racial bridges we're just were just walking through it. And I think I know how it's going to work. I I think. I have a plan and a plan of execution and I ate so. We have somebody is interested in doing obviously I ain't so it's her. And she wants to tell a guy that he's dating the wrong person. And benched she should be. He should be getting her instead of hey do we know why she thinks he's the wrong he's dating the wrong person known her new house burn down. Okay so we're gonna tell him curse is that while we decided we're gonna ask him how he wants to proceed don't have all the power in his court okay. And then we'll figure out how he wants to proceed. Ands. If he wants Sid get pitch on why. That other girl is better for him. Only I'm so nervous. If so an Arizona area we get him on the phone yes very and sell them some mighty white sealed but it she knows your dating non person correct okay. And Maine and yes so we're gonna ask him. If he wants to know who this person is and hear their pitch astle why they think we're already there and vs let's just a cancer. Are we're just gonna get Aaron in that area and a dairy welcome sue the jet engine channel. They had aria. Under current honorary while we're great listen where I'm actually pretty excited because we are starting a brand new radio segments. And as you who get to be the very first person to be a part of that if you want to. I certainly am yes I can name on the radio segment is called. Break up we examined. For me. And if I understand correctly if we understand correctly you currently have a girlfriend of about four weeks correct. So I got so there is a Ed there is a one man. Who. Thinks that you are more compatible with her being the person you're currently dating. And she wants to. Pitch you. On breaking up with a growing unit currently dating and dating her instead. It's it's what you need to decide is whether or not you want to hear that pitch. Okay well. So wrong and what we will do. Is give you three minutes here to make that decision. And then welcome back in you can say yes I want her to try to sell me on it and then you and her we'll talk. More. No this is crazy and then one never talk to you again. Get a preview on hold why you think about it and we will be right back win break break up with them. For me. He's dead I'm Jeff contentious spending for one. I'll star. I three minutes ago we met Gary. Is who has spent the last couple minutes deciding whether or not he wants to now just one. One main thing if you shoot jump him. His girlfriend of four weeks. You call her your girlfriend after four weeks community guys they get. Please yes. We learned that flights nights so it's. Good question we have for you is do you wanna talk to the person who. Want you to break up and a girlfriend of four weeks. And he and hear them tell you on them instead. The experts. Because we're just stunningly curious so I think that he wanted to hear it I'm not I'm pretty skeptical I also say that. You mean scared to go light you don't think this is the jitters skeptical light. There's zero chance you gonna break up their girlfriend. Yeah I think this is it's so yeah I don't think there's a much chance of this'll work I think whoever chooses probably. While the way we're gonna do is won't take her job. And it and as well let her say hi in a series she says hi we put one minute and the clock and showed just sell you for a minute and why she's better. In your current girlfriend and in you can talk back and forth from whatever and then at the end of that man that will put her back on hold and and find out if you wanna continue or not okay. There are right. So. The minute starts now. Dares say hello to the woman who thinks he should break up their current girlfriend and go out with her and said. Don't. Try area and only. Time. I am better each side but it me. Yeah a little bit. All of it and just a look it's Al so what. And you know. I'm back in town. And that. You know I've known each other for a really long time we encourage others and college and like each. No I truly looked up and college and we're trying to would you like a onetime like casual fun thing but. If we don't know that there's chemistry there and listen I don't know if you're wearing your girlfriend and I heard I had I heard that she's sweet. Glad. I mean it's been a long time since college and digest its until late ten to zero lead. Most noted there something there and we would be remiss to not that we just don't what could happen. These holes. While. So you know minimally since college. And Yahoo! had a thing and there's some feeling and Amylin. And doctor a long time that's for sure. Well I mean I was curious race a very good day yes I. Probably might have been better out of sight it is. I. We can put you back on the phone with family or are. And you guys can continue to talk or you can just let it go at this point. Yeah. Yeah anyway I. Probably should just. Didn't bat an and it try to and quick action. I'm pretty happy in my situation then I'm happy in the relationship and then I don't it never occurred to me. Look around at this point so. Is it is there any room okay. I Gary thank you for being a part of this. I think as again. It wasn't the first time Kelly I would have asked him if there's anybody who would have given him. Who he would have gotten more time for senior provoking by your opening the box you Reitman is the first time when his dad has a cat. We all love. Cry yeah it fine leg I knew what sort of a shot in the dark. And also leg so let's be real here. Jobs that. Late day or so brand new all that leg given a couple of months now but I'm back in town. My power to happen slate. And nothing else and all of the way a leg let lakes your long simmering crashing now they're like hey. I'm back. And legs. I'm just sad sounds. This time. It's like confession crush the street trader edition yes yes. OK so I would thank you for being a part of the first one I'm linked to yeah I think guys you welcome. The kids I. Just. This is I'm four O Schwarz is 6309. Forewarning that they question. Do we ever do that again. Entertainment value that was solid right. Yes. So I had a half. She had the option. He'd and we gave them the option he had the opportunity getting Matt here at work other brands you at the end she's saying she was that girls. I understand it Gary's on the radio into uncomfortable saying well why because relationship a situation if you're a serious relationship. You don't call this situation. I feel friendly I think they're credited. The good wife. Her faring jams create. It's errant. Name. I was all while all ended cannot get back to. Monday so are you saying. You do it again their don't hear it again and also in a good way and can turn mouth. And. Please don't do it again I would like praying and so bad in my car elephant but did you turn off. I did actually ask cliff into our Shannon. Yeah well yeah. I'm sure they weren't talking about in fidelity cheating or hooking up over there. I mean I grew bit. Hey I thank you sir. Europe and beyond today for a four to six. An 80941. Plenty of time to take more phone calls. Hello and he Thursday. I'm confident did you hear the sound and. And she I'll still are ready for aura. Meg gaining in Atlanta and just listen to break up with them and made me and her vote is for us west. LSU hey guys I was totally on board seat gain at play now they heard it though it should do it anymore. Agent is thin stick but here's the thing. I was on board ready yesterday and that I was Matta and were really today and then after Hampton I was on board with it because we gave him all the power. Our figures shouldn't you shouldn't he give saved from the get go I wanna know it's dumb. Owner. True but I totally got oceans that you expect so girlfriend that you guys try to break got an early bet that it. Exactly hurts kids eat that's there now. I I'm I don't have built on. A valid point. Sorry I grant in Rome. Hey I I don't like he Gary and I on the played the border. This segment yeah I listen to that song you listened to to say I thought it was awesome. Yes I think you're awesome you had a kid. Amber Lee yeah let's go on. Absolutely had to exit yet again I mean Alistair you know that I'd packed all week Friday. I loved it absolutely. Tips and give all Americans we appreciate the vote what are you allowed to say that the most fun you had all week. Was listened to some girls slide into this huge relationship like well now he knows I'm here. I'm might deeply ballot entertaining and I played miniature but if you want to hear it or not. And even rejected it and I honestly you know I can't set a bar and seeing. I really like that girlfriend Mary liked his girlfriend. Paula. And you are. Got it from Europe's point of view is your man. Did exactly what he did would you be mad at him. Happy Friday their boy planned. And have a good weekend. Eyes sharp. In the apple or its well. Welcome good show. I don't you don't Akron and they're actually Eric. How do I go over. Well we're pretty operate at the worry. Even. And the cool about it and it lacked. The dog I think I'm a colleague that I can't. Allow. Maybe didn't work too because he's eight of his girlfriend yeah I love how you stuck up and afterwards C like I almost wish I hadn't opened at the box kind of thing but you always have to now eat enough. The India and Marietta. Yeah I definitely think Macedonia and I mean like England and outwardly they cannot do older now and looking to show him right. Her temple bar and when you open you up my allocated the blue and when I heard it on my law. Outgoing and that the way I mean the planet you know. My guys did Joanna doing or not do it. And do not do it was terrible it was horrible. It is. To eat and it would. I would just crazy to hold heard it. All right hold thank you. In between on eighteen hole is into the hole and I'm just asking for hundreds have no idea I had another day in Atlanta yet yes or now. Doctor says yes absolutely. And it made it and that parent or edit so I can't. Michelle and like Sony or do you entered into. And I at Carolina looker opposite of eternal. Okay did radio. And was nothing that don't have endless amount of money list until mile chunk ahead tonight. Permit when making this is a family decision so feel free to head over to Facebook's facial dot com jet engine and show and you're welcome to cast your vote you cannot say between this DeVon and shell on the. Later there. All I like to share that conversation continues league championship on FaceBook.