Braves Gender Reveal Update

Thursday, June 16th


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Thank you for making this list today Jeffrey Jones Shia on installing 94 watch. Yesterday it was one of my favorite days and radio bride that's. Mean it's and so it's fun what a really incredible. Epic night at Turner Field. Now the back story is Freddie Freeman Chelsea and the Atlanta Braves it's a plan. His wife few months ago found out that they were having a boy. By striking a clay baseball. She pitched it differently Freddie hit this clean baseball and blue powder exploded in front of him and that's how they that they are having. A bowl. It was surgical video that everybody picked up those all over the place Charlotte to vote totally by roll is they say and we side. Here at the radio station and Chelsea Freeman and and Jenner acquainted and two of them worked this arrangement where to. Jeff and change through listeners would be able to go to Turner Field. And re create that moment and find out if they were having a boy or girl Angie can everywhere. Jake and Abby Robinson where are lucky start any for a one couple. And wheat I mean it was such a cool Yankee experience. They gas tank so. And we'll talk about this later on in the show two bit. Listen if you are a lifelong memories and I'm now I can appreciate and that's sports and on the that but I can appreciate the experience. For people who are so they get matched by the Braves or in the Braves officials. And Aisha especially jeans he took such great care. And they got walked all through these parts of term field 99% of the people. On the planet will never see they've played professional baseball and I and pop all the and they pop out on the field. And hanging out on the field during batting practice. And great players are walking around and use the music that he's in and out where you're in the girl who's pitching the ball you when he you do. Braves players in and these IG IG stands to extract. You like with this is this really happening in pretty bright and Jeannie says to me he don't let him go anywhere. Dale and dale Lindsey dimmer right dale wants to come over and so. Okay so now there is dale Murphy. Asking them about it talking about how he has said in bull weighs. In he had seven in a road and. And that grand kids in the gender reveals in his family is talking about 81 of his that. Kids and daughter in law had stuffed balloons of with an area I mean they're having this whole big gender reveal converse del Murphy with dale Murphy. Odds are that we go down to it's it to where you know locker rooms are hands. Freddy Freeman walks now congratulates. Them this is you know Reid said. First thing Freddie says TJ news I'm 5 I am about violence but I'm Pamela. I don't now and Freddie is at least six inches taller and so Freddie walks out load is down on Jacque in the first thing he says it is. He. They are and I thank. And he he he stepped up at home plate are active in this is well on the field taken abbey where. Where you know right down there on the clay Abbey's if you can imagine she served up the first base line. We YouTube user would that even though I'm talking about how you know credit LC oh yeah we I'm skipping the part I'm so excited so. I thought Freddie and Chelsea. Sit down in the in front of the locker room. And give Jake Andy winners for probably ten minutes. At least like tips on how did you which which Andy. Is receding. Jake is freaking out at. I said that we go up with about twenty minutes ago thirty minutes ago I feel like for. For. They count down to hear execution. Yeah getting Marmara nervous. As the minutes ticked away so we went up to the bar that's in that little suntrust club of big interest of this and behind home rate behind home plate and waiting. In the air conditioned car to pregnant ladies and yes very. It's why Chelsea in happier talking about babies and Gary Phelan kicks in. You know where you delivering they're having home mom bonding moment going on and I would go brigade and I actually had him. Do you wanna go to the bar and. I know. I'm too afraid unsteady. Since then Jamie says. Five minutes out we should lock out an average and you get to your. Yes so that the Braves again and Jake and you backs. He'd gotten signed by all the players you know mallet and chase and everybody to sign an Eddie Murphy signed it Freddie signed it some he's got his brain knew backed. And he's stepping up. And sure enough so we go out on the field and in stand host and friend of ours mark O inserts. Explain in the stories in all of braves country everybody that had gathered and I was in the stands to in the story of Chelsea and Freddie on the story of taking Abby lifelong braves fans from Atlanta. Having their first child. Will be a boy and a girl in the Assam you know what you want. But what you hoping for. And art odds are now what you're hoping for what's your feeling yet survey says later Richard got what's your gut feeling about it Jake is saying he was feeling girl and Abby was to avoid. And then this is how and others now. So jets get a ticket resistant right down there by Abby is gonna toss him the ball. I know pressured us and don't miss don't miss all right here we go is going to be a boy whereas. But we're giving you some instructions you can take a couple of steps in if he needs you feel like dual threat got to get around applied to let it breaks dot com watching as well. No idea what I would have. And it's. A. Now what you have to understand the news the news right now. He demolished. That. OEST. I. So hard outer. Air. I get their hands and fan in the stands and Vietnam so let's. Explain. He just threw the bastion of and it gave you watch a baseball game you've seen. That somebody's head and epic home run in Vegas kind of risk flipped the bat straight up in the air and round and that's exactly what he did and he ran hugged her. Yeah he. He he he channeled all of his anxiety. Into a power swing. Annular. Amazing such a great reaction we've got the video for you if you wanna go experience the excitement in the moment. It's up on face and it's everywhere yeah. So thank you so much to Chelsea Freeman. If Freddie Freeman. Everybody at the Atlanta Braves organization to the term yield grounds crew you know who literally got down on their hands and knees. To dust up the parts of the broken baseball. That they hated and gifted. A lot of blue powder on the way everybody they've gained entertainment who made holes. Idiom lit up boo boo. There's a big things jet engines show congratulates. Jacque and Evian debate. Thing that went around how. Happy Father's Day Jake was up there big thank you to our frantic Carter's sewer a part of it as well they came out. With Gibson for Chelsea and Freddie Freeman and also forging ahead. One side one gift basket is think at one that was blue. And they had to take on the blue once a big thanks to Carter's for a part of such special moment as well and just. Amazing amazing I'm still on yet those are. Thank you for making this list today Jeffrey gen Shia on starting now before watch.