Braves Gender Reveal

Wednesday, June 15th


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I love the Phillies is in the morning and tells us we appreciate that. Starting out before want Jarrett Turner Field tonight you're gonna see something very cool I remember a couple months ago. Freddie Freeman of the Braves and his wife Chelsea found out that they were having boy. By hitting this way face while she pitched it to Freddie Freddie edit in exploded in a puff of blue collar ethnic way to find out the gender here says Chelsea Freeman and and general conversation too long ago. And he obligated to. On Father's Day week. Game a dad to be the opportunity to finance the gender his baby. At Turner Field with Freddie Freeman the same way Freddie and Chelsea fan and that's going on tonight at the game in about six there. Our mom and dad to be hard JK and abbey so which one of these guys is that big braves fan but I reversed bans on on months. That's bigger and that is we. Need our guards me. Decade in the nineties. And it's going to be so fun and for listening I don't know how it originated Chelsea and Freddie Freeman didn't epic generated deal with an exploding baseball so. Chelsea patients Freddie Freddie hit an exploded and that they found out that they were having a boy that way and became this really cool. Viral video that went everywhere. I was talking with Chelsea has said hey let's give this a way to a couple. Some cern and throw one Masterson and braves fan so we're really excited to hear from you guys and and finds you aren't. We're excited about this big moment tonight. Who is more nervous now. Because you guys I understand correctly jancker reform on it and been organizing. So. I abbey will be pitching C jays that Freddie and Chelsea here they'll be there but they're out they nothing to do with the actual. There any jeers from the sidelines right yeah since he played baseball growing apps I think he's going to be fine. So as long as I can get the ball and a general hitting dissent and dean and will be. We done a couple practices and accurately rerouted to the persons or not. The brackets I need to practice he's fine Italian bike for him. Are you nervous about it yeah. I'm all nervous if I swing and miss nothing happens that's okay but it hits the ground and just like. Pops open that's going to be like that he's downer exciting panel of winners yeah well there's going to be some pretty important eyes on your skills team I mean frankly I'm going to be and it all the family that greenery. If our. Franco are and all the dads on the team are really excited for you deal with a variety of your son or daughter pass. Where Turner Field used to be and said hey guess what happened there. An entitlement to centrist party at a ball games. And I think that's what we're most excited guys thinking about a year's honorary gained share this experience with the child. That is an exciting. And one last thing we wanted to do was as surprised as little mini baby shower this is weird Jeff and I hope that it minister David. This is James doing. Now we have a couple of hours I putts I can I accomplish our first. This is an from. Someone who has really helped me raise my children. Laura hunter and her partner have come on moms on call they are you registered nurses from Atlanta this company. And day come and help you figure out how to raise your maybe so they have put together a gift for you everything you need for. Learning how did you sleep schedules and ever changes its bottles and all that stuff. And house in India and console for you then here are some things that. And we get to the pulpit from any Carolina and then also a few things from Jeff intention and some great skier freeway tonight if you need some new dads sport on the field. But that first hour. She now. Or one.