Brag About Your Lazy (2)

Thursday, September 8th


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Shall still our. Costs. We're by the way that children's Eggleston. The children's healthcare of Atlanta hospital where it Seacrest studios are now and Agnes Eggleston. Campus because Japan's youngest are reasons just. Two floors of office right upstairs he had a cool not gonna miss rounds today. Work work hey hey lady welcomed the jet engine shall brag about your lazy. Won't. Campaign. I am I saying why they can head start on my that they competition and. Swallow when I mention topic I did. And and that counts a doubt. And and had anybody out. 1000. I like they get 20000 or 101000 because I'm really. Got them. Would the 1000 not actually yet but I like Fredricka I think that a guy like twenty a. Are your friends are like what'd she do every day. Yeah and bicker and she had Blake Tony patents that but she also like how. Well I'd like how it's happening and unlike a lot of computer art kids I'm not yet done might. When am I doing any good. Me. I'm entangled in a actually she could lead to you another. Thing worries secretly competing with and they don't now. Earning it she's happy she's probably earning that's back and forth that and why. I. And he welcomed the damage and jam. All. Tell us about it it we've got. All the life act or we call you being lazy which every one. Definitely then later in the morning and I think I got a better excitement sorry I don't know what general what we're all gonna die. But it definitely what I couldn't wait we didn't trust my very best Mikey I want Salvador. And you're out there he wants it in what do you. A little total. So you kind whatever you do don't where. To go. Including. In the wake up and walk out to. People about all of what are the grave anybody if you think this. Got a job where you had like. You could Wear them that wrinkled or something that you get. Accused Syria. I want to lighten up in the morning my talent to have you back but look how they did that he's you know the problem. That's been Jonathan and thank you so much for the we appreciate you. Like Mike share that conversation continues with jet engine on FaceBook search saw in 941 Atlanta.