Brag About Your Lazy

Thursday, September 8th


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And she I'll star. Jan your frame isn't the only ones. Where potty trained her cat that we're gonna talk to Michel here in his neck and our phone number is 4047419400. Later brag about your lazy. And other public life so you don't come across the lazy person. You know that these are the things you do so we'll talk to somebody in a minute for example who flew overs his children to harmful. That's not that late the late July pack it saving time it's more patient yet that's about anything but the way we've written on the schedule right. Michelle what you have in common with the Jens friend. I'm eating are. Train. Is it back and I don't like. Having to change the litter box. I'm very a city outright or any clean and neat and I black. Player would be a looker. A slower so trained to ask you to do it. Do you have are you in a relationship of any sort. I am I am a married. Okay and did you do you have to warn people who come over to visit his you and your spouse about what they might find in the fifth the fifth. We we actually we actually do. You know let anybody and it is we have sat for that area yet at bat. And I count and they have. It's typically you know by and it. And I know I have that a shot on my door is. See I think that's very Smart she should have. Michelle are you aware that there people on this planet fifth who have not had a healthy meal in three weeks. And you have a bathroom for a year act. But. That's. And as your Jane he also potty training animals. Jamie geologists. Yes I'm actually in high school I had the dragon which are electric and I want to train that live there have. Back time which also oddly kind indicates it's because they're cute friendly. So she would turn on the hot water they eat it England they're ready they splash out and they are like that they. And it. I James you might be tough to beat. 4047419400. Is that phone number of write about your lazy. Vintage. James tell us what you did. I overnight and you'll. This (%expletive) up. Every single day. Yeah I felt like. I won't build I'm glad it didn't break. Is it just reflect your rushing in the morning and you realize at a time you know like act and over. Or is that just below decided that. So. It languages. I don't know I saw it you know it I noticed little. And an understanding as actors in the last part. Are we have a friend with an ethnic lazy sorry can you tell you act over so he brags that on the weekends he lays by the pool while his. A fourteen year old daughter makes in Manhattan's. Even legal product pick her up all. Week doesn't. It she. How do you teach a new world to make an additional warehouse oh yeah. Greg. Monique welcome to the jet engine jam. Hey. I EM ITV and I liked hack it today or he would have you know had been that sick people. And color coordinate and almost everywhere we. And everybody thought it was you know are we are going to start issued after that rarely is for all wearing dark. That 1 dialogue actually I am home it for all flat walling you'll lose. There I'm come down on the laundry lag. Lazy that's just Smart and efficient I'm impressed and my. Even come light on Sunday morning really incumbent Mike look around 11 or am and then killed a color coordinate I can just like you gonna talk. Like that. For black hair you know brown know that it had dark shirt he has now that. Hey Nat Nat to fall and lock out so you move through life many like when those people who are. I'm taking the beach side pictures everybody's yet his and my country after a. We really. So that. When we get a can't we get a panel that all the time. And then we know you all we see that same way that walks down he has settled down a little strip look at all why aren't and you know they're going to get their picture taken. I've you know where lighted the ticket to get a picture any satellites. And like you know well why wouldn't that be because we really do look like we're already get a picture. Yes our wives and we're really. Looking. At all that he mainly hit in the back. Why is the colors that we Wear to north point mall everybody knows that. Monsters. And I Monica a year have to brag about how lazy EU Lar. OK I am so here's an L I am so lazy. That on Thanksgiving will I go to popped in my kid. And I I have everything I can there and and I can't say to my best clay so look like IRA. But I did not saying oh well. Well that definitely the largest genius that's. That's a professional. As somebody who's had multiple Boston market Thanksgiving dinners they are really yeah yeah and. Yeah not bad I detected a McEntee is because that pretty well nailed it mark mark. Yeah I'm. You know Collins NC that's her mother in law. Was teaching her to do with this trick right here yes why is. She was nervous because her mother and I was coming to town. Teacher caught. And then when they got away from the husband and mom and was like look you're treaty go to the supermarket. You buy the prepared foods you bring it down. And contain important. Yeah. Waiting all. He is only a patent verdict on. Eight yeah. And Brian welcome to the show talk to us about you or Lee easy brag about your lazy. Had a our dialogue all the good bragging dead maybe a little bit embarrassed but. So I have my. Mike Craig McCaw to machine deteriorate. On the table. Leg my shallower so basically every morning I. He shouted during my copy the same time. So you reach out from behind the shower curtain played a mug underneath the cure rate started. Wash your hair reach out to Vegas have a copy. Big that they may not be intimately he might be more geez I'm you know this. Right with. What it looked like hearing it hurts our. But thanks for the com am. Hey dad guess. Meg and welcome to the jet engine and show brag to us about your lazy. Do okay. We'll. I will let my husband about what would be inferred that are on the platform where I need cheering though I think all that bad. You pick and then yeah. You're raised the violence like envoy. Well thought of aren't aren't you I'm. Clear to you did you say you texted your husband from the kitchen. I. Wa field all night. But didn't want to. Wolf the late night noise or air while with an extra. At. And you know what you won't make any mistakes that you don't have to remember. That you have chicken and pork and averaged a whole two rooms you lock away. Yeah actually looking at the refrigerator when you talk. Well. I don't detect when you're Texan from the kitchen you texting about food you're going to make. Or we are a year going to dinner that night. Oh no I'm talking about what led me about what we're happen. Thank you Kyle Tony and and we can actually make let that Aaron that would remove while it might they're lonely one but the but the I. If you have any thing that McCain top one of those stories for 047419400. He got to continue the conversation. And go to the jet engine and chairs FaceBook page will keep talking. About your lazy. And FaceBook dot com slash a and start any Portland. Like my group and share that conversation continues with jet engine on FaceBook. Search starring 941 Atlanta.