Brad Talks about His Plan

Thursday, May 12th


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She now. More than one. Gina is our new friend who. Rotate. She just wants to make sure they're on the same page and both moving forward toward eventually a wedding and marriage and kids not racquets. They both say I love you to each other so. They seem to be very happy relationship that Brad does not want to answer this question where is it don't. He has answered if he's answered it by saying this relationship is great why do we have to worry about the future growth and I ice. I know we just you know how to speak guy. In the translation of that is. Stop asking questions about you try to learn to speak girl. No I. Ain't nobody got time for this fit and feel Brad has agreed to come on this. Well Jeanne why don't you co manages chill and let Jen and I start the conversation that will bring you into it as needed and I I Hank. Brad welcome to the jet engines. Are you. It. Inside get had a Venetian Earl red. And I. May do little bad that we heard from GMAC is she was looking for a little bit of advice that China. Figure out how to get even answer the where is the relationship going question. Appellate couple text messages from people look at solicited Baja. Yeah. Yeah claps are a hot seat now are you joining us now. And I think we've been trying to translate between girls speak and guy speaks so we'll let you speak for yourself in life. You're not really wanting to answer. The question of where it's going with. That question that question. Eugene have been together one year. Yeah out of monopoly here so we Aries this relationship go. I mean. Everything is cool right. I mean. It it's going well it's no one particular day by day. I don't. Can you do you. Are good. I have some gold. Let's separate myself from my lines and that's kind of my next step is. And build up to these personal goals and it's great. We're together and I'm really glad we met. But in others it's something that I need to take care of for you know that next step in the relationship. So I really. Planning anything because we're just taking things day by day but things are great oh really like how things are gone. Does gene and know what some of these goals are for you. Oh yeah we talked about it I mean I am. I a lot of our own house in the next couple years but some of thirty. End. You know after that. I wanna make over six figures and then around. Well it thirty or 35. Settlement that could be ready to get married. How are you right now. 28 right now. OK so if you don't wanna cross the marriage bridge and so you're about 35. I mean yeah of that. A battle of the primary you. College. My parents and really hear the attitude. And you know they've got a divorce. It's simply means little on relationships that I've seen you know work out with. Other people they've really inundated for awhile and meet each other in years past. That really knows somebody. You know. Well here's what I love about what you're saying is that your really thoughtful about the whole process or not gonna jump and anything too quickly and as a husband eventually you'll be you'll apply all those qualities to your marriage into your life together so I think all of those things are great Gina just need an answer right. He's because. I think that more is there any thing that Perry did. Accelerate that plan or would you be willing to late get engaged. Sooner or should you not even be talking about that. There are things they could accelerate this plan and you know gene as a amazing so I'm like let's say no but I'm also not gonna say like what do you know. A winner is the ring fall in the pecking order to as the ring come before the house after the house after the six figures. Majid better of the comes after the sixth British. Have they been sort. Of. And house are she's gonna hear that you have in your house first ring next. He knew I'm. Bradley you hold on 12. Sure that it. They Gina. Why is there anything you want us spread you were able to hear that whole thing. Yeah ask how can I ask him I mean I I totally get that other rarity and eat it thinking that outline. Infinitely out and did he didn't seem like somebody saying that he knows for sure that her and that's going to be me. And so that he could get concrete answer yet from thirty Mary. Made Eugene. He's saying that and that's the important part can. OK we will come right back we will ask Brad that question. And did you then. Okay birds again. She now. Or one.