Boot A Bridesmaid Calls

Thursday, September 15th


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That's where you Peachtree City and all over its yeah. Straight come early enough it's Justin Jan shell on starring Betty Ford Lola and. So we're just gonna leave here and who is about to get married in about a month from now and she's got have bridesmaid. That is in relationship. And he just happens she went on the relationship black hole. Yeah the girls just kind of disappeared and checked out of the wedding so now isn't going to the bachelorette party in. The way that Lee is put it is it's you know she's changed she's just and a fifth she shut off from everybody and I'm really about it violence in Los. In what we're gonna get her some advice. And and try to get her back on here but we're gonna get her some ice first from. Cady in Callahan hit eighty. Anything strip on the Java Indonesia. No and I have Casey told him about it on here missy I can mitigate. Guess she as I hit LeBron won my follow Perry Katie paying talent isn't even saint Tammany. I'm very very relaxed and I got married that very year that battle and my maid of honor actually really have been printed and great. And I think not likely to the wedding she had packing out at Spain or Italy and at night before my wedding she told me that she doesn't. Going to be able to come because her little boy let it. So I kind of understand it went last minute to say that I don't want another someone and I happened to layered. On. Some old light after the wedding Mary on saint Patrick day civet cat aren't they in the paint. Now my hands a little bit sorry instead he partied on yeah. So your advice for Lee is bail now. Tell me now or are. I get secondary can't let that thought in the back to get any. An idea thanks Katy semites are right now we are gonna talk lane I hate my Mac. Pay even in the same bed asleep. I'm in the same boat right now I get married next Saturday and I have all day I am very similar happening to me are out I want and that are air surge. Dynamics here. I'm so what do you you know you're close to her. My collector I have Q offenders act it. Out are gonna talk about one of them. It the bridesmaid at question now a very similar to that situation. Your relationship. I am now islet I was hurt I bought her trap or her. Unfortunately in out micro have to take their own app on it and make up and all that. It. You know she's a single minded cute kit they've been going to a lot of health issues upon her purse that it very hard working to get child or that we get to carry out air and long story short. Get your relationship. With channel right at that girl even. Don't care Amtrak or well planned. You know just. Being a part of everything try to let my bachelorette and let it let the other great honor may want to act that question not an Al. Are feeling like I don't I. I think my admonition did everybody get together it I don't care. Act. Thought maybe she interest summary then maybe you didn't really get it but she actually he had to manipulate counting how. Okay so what's your advice so leave India out I mean what do you of what's the next that the white. I need the image I see it right now in my heart I'm punished by a leader in the better I act but it much. I personally want O'Brien a million mile an hour at our wage. Yeah I have. So yeah grandly this situation and if you could look at Lee and say. This is what I wanna do what would you Q. I would. I would say screw it just I can't that the. All Carolyn renteria and I haven't made and that they're all gonna. Austin Elaine thank you for Colin and we're continued this conversation on FaceBook beacon council he was like this is obviously common problem yeah a lot of people having that you've got by absolutely or this happening TT. In a graphic that age respect com slash app engine. On posts are now. Star in 941.