Boob Job: Address It or Not?

Monday, May 16th


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Justin didn't show show show Vizio. To join the conversation I had for a force. Before hundreds are so darn many more law and it. May benefit and willingness. Jan I went out and on and on and Friday about this server I feel that. Do. She said lose the most breathtaking human being she's ever seen. And our. You thinking and so we had that server walk and surprised and now you'll see things you'll see the picture online he he could pass for grants twin chance of its twin. Are we gonna do brackets ten and I was really gonna find every Arabic that was just I was just trying to find Sunday talk about so you kid. He surprised and totally merit thanks Jeff if you go to the start any for a one FaceBook page and video of that surprise is currently hosted any ideas on how to there's just fun folks taking suggestions for the fact that. So we re edit to delve into this situation that is presented itself Jan and I both have a friend. Who is. Who's who's being who's recently been surgically. Modified and hey yeah classic searcher bit so. The question is in our farmers 404741. Nanny for. I this isn't somebody that I know super well. That's a major and notes soup for awhile Malaga sister to us but it's it's and close acquaintance. So when she returns. Into our friends circle if he will. How do we address. The enhancements. Like are you supposed to say well hey what's gonna have that job. Well I think most people don't share that they're getting that done. Write those people do that privately and then just expect you not to say anything I just noticed silently noticed here's the question. If you're a new pair of glasses on and violate those glasses right. Is something new that you can write yourself but somebody loses it kind of wait you say I hate it Ukraine MC meanwhile even museum and Sony goes from beard and no beer no beard beard right yeah you talked about but then all of a sudden there's a couple extra girl hanging out way via. What do you think. I think it's gonna depend on the person because they do have some friends that everything would not want anybody to notice that maybe those enhancements war. Not to be a show week but if you're getting them to be super show week and you want people really hate it but how do you expect how do you know what they're doing it for. Now hey Tracey. You help us for this. What's the appropriate response. Oh my opinion there you know that you can react how we want because the person who just are mobile and you know I'm knowing what I revealing. When they get ahead. Maybe it is is happening and maybe gotten them. So what are you want people assailant when you come around them after you've gotten them do you want people to be like hey that was a great because that seems weird. I don't expect anybody and you could say anything because they're here say that is what my decision how an adult group. Make that decision I didn't need it for everyone else are there for myself. And pays no commentary. But with our friends in three cities in we see our friend like. And if it's different coming from youth vs me. Because it would run like girlfriends are girl acquaintances that you like Hewlett. Icon and a whispering. There. But if you sort of with particular virulent. Hatred in the eighth and Kristen. Raza elite eight. I think he absolutely address that it but that met all out why not I'd I'd say well look all that I can't let them yeah. Oh million dollar. Profit because that bit that I mean there there are so why not. And we can I text and you're only talking about the close girlfriends rightly. Oh god I guess I don't know why people out many operate about why I don't help don't talk went well. So I I don't know I sure that they have to deal. I think in America we are awake that late. And you hit it. Talk about it. So you think that Jeff suggests walk up and be like hey can I touch. I think he. Ever excited and I may comment I think Erin. And it hit the little trickier what your diet that as a girl he's absolutely compliment them on and make them do that about. Yeah okay thanks. Hamachi images to your hopes that somebody even if they're not real or not enhancing go he can't touch those that would put into. I know well into Q what's up. Well I. You can note in I mean if you're paying for it and and be noticeable I think from mine and I don't want and buy. But yeah. Is there a difference a terrific I complementing you and a girl complementing him. Yeah. So what I'm thinking I just really take it where I'm at. Ten and yet longtime Milwaukee. Is simple but. And I am talking a part went to actually be the first one bring pressure. I'm gonna bring up by the rain and stuff like you know I can tell something different about somebody B cap a meal like did you shoot your mustache. Issued a blind. And that raid and air used to be a redhead spray team. Hey Kelly and McDonna. The I consensus seems to be go ahead and tell them because it's it's the same is that a coat of paint and your car. Yeah now it's been very big deal all the lady that has been diet has restarts there for quite some time they thought about it I have I got my dad I was living never happened and and how it happened differently hey can I cut him Allen yeah it feel like me and I am married to man and it wasn't anything there aren't that they elect I'd get Larry parts. Well when they added I didn't actually yeah yeah let's have you let you know I bet I selectively applied clamp down right. Yeah not yet but I mean don't bring you got everything ready he added you know it feel like you frank Harris are out at the door and look why he should. And then that. No plans they're depressed they're treated the same may have somebody got a news overnight. God that would so soft and comfortable it totally didn't map rate and fluff the pillows this little yeah I think they just. She now. Or one.