Blessed: Father's Day Edition

Monday, June 19th

Talk Daddy To Me! Tell us all about your dad and why he rocks.

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Gay as a Father's Day edition of hash tag that's father's day of course yesterday it's because your dad ranger. I'm coolers yeah it is and that we want to hear your dad Brad for a 14630941. If you wanna. Talked daddy to us we got guys Jan what where why is where you hash tag molested any union. I'm a huge ad brags first is on my dad and he is Tommy also realize that. It's just best so letting go he's the best at not hanging on to things not hanging on C any. Negative emotion that comes in your life for bad things that come your way. And when I went through one of the roughest times in my life he just Tommy tenth let him move on life is good and your families your Oreo. So. I'm hash tag lesson have an awesome dad and I'm half cent blessed to have an awesome husband who is. The best father I mean it will make me tear from practice how. Incredible he is and how hands on a father he is for our girls so grant you're the best dad ever I love watching with our girls every day. And how good looking years. I'll bet you a permit this areas that see I know I'm married up. Proportion is hands aren't having. I bet he has beautiful snow here figure me out. Kelly James this is your idea Tom any to us I. I know I love revealed right gathered ads have you have a thousand natter your husband is an awesome dad barrier to preempt all the Muslim grandfather and a dad. Yeah I can't analysts now. But I wanna brag about my dad says he's my buddies and one thing he always Tommy was never lose your sense of adventure. He is always going to cool places even if it's just our weekend helped make my mom up and they go to San Antonio or in a legacy of George Strait concert somewhere Randolph might and I just fun not a lot of troubles do that especially if there's still working and so so ones he's always told me I was encouraged me to go on those last minute vacations and say this weekend getaways and you can and has never lose as a as an adventure I thought. Alassane in swine aid tells you they are some bad. Newton. Not. Man whose. It's hanging on for so long Alice Johnston Nash though. Recently added that the spot and time Eric in Auburn that might have been harmful matters Kerrigan Albert tells me doesn't add. Yeah I'd like to. Those that day that might edit they get super hero that ever and he always known British TTE artist worked with her integrity and allied. I'm artwork is urging. Honestly. Can't hurt better bet. I've never and to be lucky to eat or to give up on him to educate Bennett an excellent. Possible. Brought people of that. Amazing Ares I love that big a superhero you ever now. I am in Marietta and what about it and I am a day he and so cool and my little sister and share buybacks and a couple of years ago from Marietta. Here oh Baltimore Maryland just if you wonder action and we clearly got their got ready saws a concert he got a parking lot. And then let it sleep and then your twelve hours after that well all right. I salute your dad's name Matt Bryant Bryant sat at our number. That is an MVP award race now change. And he called me when you are giving aid to education child support if you like you I guess he should be ready. So instantly adds to thanks Sammy hub. Since money comeback kid Alison tells you how percent less. I'm eighth senate this year her Father's Day my dad not only got one wedding though he got news is that my sister and I both got engaged this week. Yeah. Good today even register very about it stealing this week Indiana Saturday we had claiming Nike I had no idea I you know my dad. And my flipping out about one in prepared and then waited that night my sister got engaged to my boyfriend says Sprint's. I'll show you how did they they obviously plan that's above doing it this weekend. They did it and that they knew that they planned it that me and when they told they had an airline. Right well we are to vote plan that so we're still doing it. Anyway signal my guys Ayatollah Mahmoud. The singer boy dad had it. A dollar sign did he think this second phone call Allison was a joke. Yeah actually knew he told me or he told my mom like right after my boyfriend proposed to meet. Still like OK just ahead that's got a ninety day today he. Because they came to the. I'd vote after my dad's permission of course they proposed yet. Oh my gosh well congratulation. CNN. This said that's incredible I followed your story that's going to be interest in both sisters planning weddings at the same time and pulled out of there. And many different and I play alana. Oh we used to article funny for her dad pregnant who also important. I've ran an ad where it wants to brag about her granddad read that you're just seconds. Which hitting his command woody edging close so he can't insists always tied myself and my other two sisters like. You know I think up for him he raced against for three dollars like that's crazy. But he always just taught us and with such a big role role model like be yourself and work hard and you'll get your dream. And he like he let me go to music school if I like argued that I could do it and be successful. And and he's just always been such a great role model for working hard and getting what you want out of place like what you specifically wind and he's so good at it and now he is like doing all these are projects on his own and like really get in Aldous are extra free time and then just yesterday when I called him her father's sake isn't like half the phone calls talking about how they should have a daughter say. Mom. You guys he made me so proud like. The sweetest guy. A brand in passwords. I graduated granddad. Had well. Make it very long story short I that was buried today from the cam I would yeah and and ultimately passed away when I was high school. But I never. Felt like admits out I haven't that's my and that set classic see it all typical dad say like grab my brother and I. That is so sweet what's your grand dad's name to my old. Awesome grandma my. And we try to grab my thank you Glen Rice bran what they are. Tell us. Thanks for making this wedge. Today Jesse James got one star not before one and.