Monday, April 10th

Start your week off with gratitude!


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Okay Terna Nande. I'm Justin Jan shell hole now. Sent. Home. Kerry and in Marietta you can kick off this week's hash tag last readied our. He didn't say my and I woke up and I shine had written you know on every one of my scared in my heart is telling me. How much you love me and why he's grateful for me so I am I black. Does this week is pretty well on its not all analysts trying to pass it out how old is he. Eight Regina. Mom and I look at why this job if he was like forty and still counts children because I didn't says 08. I don't think that. Thank god for him it is says we camera here are some sense name. Cool tie your gave Manning staring you guys you've raised a good boy there. Well then momma are you. Happy birthday. It's sad. So. Dean Lawrence though hello herald's. Hi how are you just think. For the new show did you gotta love this like I am my wife. After fifteen years of separation or getting back together. I guess is not a luxury leader for example there. That is I haven't enrolled at no clue what brought you back together. Just spent time yeah yeah their senators are what about other sometimes she is easy to break. Depression era and a pair of 180 months this guy. It's time once that water under the bridge Gary Gigot graduates can tell what's her name. There aren't there yet on us and congratulations Daryl and Andrea happy for you both. Thank you San. Sam and Canas. Why are you hash tag last. And yeah. My wife and I celebrate our twelve you're able to retreat for it's he had successful. Football so well. They're awesome that is great news your health is everything. So it's so happy for her and trio. Thank you so hopefully she's certainly don't want to. What's your name. Awesome Sosa worry here at home. Ice and now pardon me why did just say you say hash tag let's get off the only three. Full on ball in another part wants to keep asking a question to you to step it Brian and his book. What are what are some of the things you love about Mandy. All. It. Honestly very sensitive so he is also say that about. And so it's funny at all. That honor thanks Sam passionate last. All night. Carolyn welcome to the show. I'm I'm I had he tries. I did try to and I can't thank you can't beat him. Tinker Antilles Shannon's. All pour out a judge's choice award what was your competition for. I'm. There are no it went all in I know for. Dean and so wonderful. That's awesome Karen congratulations. All or O'Grady herein. Are a January of scoring now. Did you ever get spring break. Our look at these high now yes Caroline you show that off to everybody at school today especially your teacher okay. Not empty lot of score you're dead that's eats. I would if I won a medal for something I would Wear all the time when he percent since this had never taken off. This it's this become your necklace. I cannot hash tag last exaggerated the shallow. I'm bragged to us so why you are hash tag plus or afford to 630941. And Olivier aim Kennesaw wire you have stay blasts. Hey good morning guys I'm hatch act like because I'm about to graduate college days and my internship just offered nipple I'm physician right before I let him actually. The love. You growing job. What are you what feel the goading him. Marketing. Congratulations. Now that is gonna kick in some serious senior rightist. She's just coasting right you're just 'cause you think that there has gotten so out of data's congratulations. I'd I'd. Still ahead this morning we just engine you don't need the radio by the way to be hash they blast you into his dad's biggest. Big games dot mid make you feel better guarantee promise and share with us on FaceBook sued. All learned all share that conversation continues league championship on FaceBook.