Monday, March 20th

Let us know what you're grateful for!


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Okay Terna Nande. I'm Justin Jan shell ol' ball great start out from Monday where is a bit of grid energy east's asset. Our hash tag glass so no we do is. I had picked up the phone to go around the room look at the Internet and find it was good in the world. And it's really your chance to brag about what's going on good in your life it's it's okayed it technology it be grateful for it sets here all week and a different it. Sarah and Todd Perry you can start things off. Tell us why you are hash tag last. I and has type I says global lost you quote I can't look at it didn't go Katz center. After. Did you your browser digit you brackets Serra. I did it and I'm still a lot of that I had in Atlanta he takes discontinued out. Nice. Take you to go all the way that was a that's what they call a bracket buster and learn. So awesome congratulations you're out. She is cash and hash tag bragging about it today for sure I've got nine teams in the street succeeds is that didn't are now. It's pretty good she's gone she didn't you care about my Brad if you just on the matter on my chest second. I Susie and Amy Yates and bill. Pace isn't welcome the definition show. First question for you is we areas Yates of LA member of this little town of Europe is much. It'll paramedic just a little bit atomic and OK is perfect but welcome to hash tag last re bragging about. I can't feed bad brother ever. Which your brother he slid into law and no. Cash and what does he did. Strictly and he's worked on my car even after working twelve hour shifts at a regular job. My agent well let me and he would literally work minor event. After being worn out and tired. Can pick and out of another car and put it in June Carter at my daughter. Read only actual look and yeah and replacing it. So we kicking to him about art. And putting one back in after we do thing else can. I mean you're doing it and then a couple all. Speaker of the couldn't get guns. You let you know it's far and he's going to work and our early every day and really get it finished. Just like him a card it'll work. I think the bigger issue here Susan is why do the women in your family and not take care of their costs. And that thousand do you have the best rather but you and your daughter hash tag curse. So IndyCar owners and down like he is a brave man to loan you his card thanks regards isn't. I wanna talk to a misses a box intended Imus is Washington. And how are you hash tag blessed. I am an act like let's get IG a 116. And the brightest and most and students in the entire world so globe what grade. It's great eighth grade and let's go off script and middle school. Arms of February brave woman to walk into battle with a 1168. Graders everyday. Oh they make my gate so much better my legs can be nerve to go around our whenever. And I want it in my class they can't sit there with a smile and a packed and ready alert and they are. Are and that's great. Asset. Boom Jessica in Marietta is hash tag laissez Jessica. Hair but the shuttle would tell on common. Eight years. Well and after not being able works for several years old men I went back to working here and I know and I just got permits then and so yeah really fight it. Congratulations. Pastor here. You already work. Nor hospital. Free so very go through graduation just got a DL. Some. Misty in that Noonan. I look at it just didn't show. Good morning how are you hash tag the last two missing. Act tagged out but at Bob bought its own vacation yeah day guy. Is going to be very sale on this week isn't that movement and the fact that Mac based right. Some. Guys tasted naming game skills who's twelve years old hey Jason. Why are you hash tag blasts. I'd like Atlanta I can't wait it out at me. Free 888. Saw us. Are you just getting back from a spring break. You know. The weekend bailing vacation that's on how you have twelve years old sometimes you just need to recharge your sand. They had us that we're we're gradient sixth grade seventh grade a stuff that's tough sometimes you can go to the rams get away he kids have freshener that's. Save and not sell maybe. Her being a morning. I trust had plastic head I gotta clean towels from the got her gold thank I don't think that's leagues. And I don't need that I had dedicated eight ERL. To do it is psychological evaluation where one that could they're pretty in particular topic there's. Now I amazing. He's it is just you don't know this but when you have little kids and right you mean child care gap and you are on the waiting list right yet in two aids nursery school you know right preschool rhetoric they care. And you get fat acceptance there it's like. You see here's how we're liars say this yes it is it Sosa after giving and that. I have saved less like this. Seriously it is at those waiting lists and so stressed all people get in line when they. Pee on the stick and find out their pregnant half. I'm not being I just I know the Aetna and sign up for the schools they have fetuses in their signing up to get in line for different carriers. I keep because the coming any hazard share way or hash they blast on our face with a. Page for a 4630941. Is the phone number it'll change your whole week I'll totally just the way you can put some positives kitty in your mind in the way that your feeling today if you don't call us don't go to FaceBook. Say it out loud in your car on the way York what do you hash tag plus where saint and how to change today I am hash tag last because I've got the greatest wife on the planet off. Thanks for making this wedge to the chest congestion. On star not before one.