Monday, July 16th

We love hearing all the good news from our Framily! #Blessed

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And stings he still wants them when you're just gonna tell little girl. Miss the game Stanton and Larry you hash tag last. I imagine sent. To. The. Brad did not art and DEB mini or less. Oh yeah no. Gonzalez is an or else Donny has done so let it let kids that has been on a apple and mystique. And you're in Marietta tell us some dead. Hey good morning and are definitely as Westbrook goes are about two months ago almost two months. My sister who has been out there there are additional coal miner Jerry and now she's out of the combo block species are easy to libraries. All audible less saying injury that is so some such good news. And where where she treated you wanna give a hash tag blessed that my hospital that took good care of her. Yes as I put its arms and an eleven medical down. Awesome. Thanks Andrea is trying to senator doctors are miracle workers and I Taylor and Carol. And ball and my boyfriend closing it out. Good relation. And it's a hard spending sailor can rat. Dealership they were part of land you live inane. Carrollton Canada bounce back on the less ice congratulations. Thank you you're welcome Chris in Madison's I was on the good and iron that certain words because of mob beautiful life. There's this week what sirte. Kramer Laura let me tell you if you're not boosting your eye opener today you ain't gonna write nonsense. Audience. Hillary and Abington that was sending gave him. I'm I'm aspect was because my wonderful place and a party so hard for me to go to school. And hear the bombs are. Odd that is so as we went to boyfriend's name. Steve and working hard seeking go to school and just have to echo prisoners said lady's agenda boosting your man out. When he said with the same enthusiasm praise analogy yeah X rays and energy and their break and Atlanta tell us something did. Important and act like. You know I rely pretty bright and Atlanta like all that's at least I get picky picky. Welcome. And I don't think you aren't all. Think that's twice as bread that's awesome we need to pre K teachers getting all of our little ones ready for the early. Education and that's our son. Star in 941.