Monday, March 6th

Brag about your blessings! This week's anywhere from kids, to birthdays, to just having a clean living room. 


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Sorry not before one okay Terna Nande. And Justin Jan shell ol' ball. I here's our phone number 404263094. Orion. If you would like to be a part of hash tag the last. That's who he joined the show and just talk about was good. It think about one thing you're grateful for in line call and share with us for a 42630941. Is the phone number and it's just that's simply tells one thing you love. On being happy about brag a little bit even Jan is already getting text messages with special VIP. Hash tag the last two request yes I have to hash tag blessed to share one is from my mom now because we are all hash tag blessed that my dad is doing battery was in the hospital last week with some. Part stuff and we are all pretty scared about that on my mom texted me I'm glad I woke up next to your father this morning hash tag left so. Love you Nancy love Eddie cloudy Tom's safety comes legends series on press and then the other reason I am hash tag bless this morning. Is because I discovered a trunk of the boots. I had totally forgotten about this is your mom. Notices mean oh yeah when I was you can. Weekend I found is old trunk. And it had all these show I read the story there's and it's like I went shopping I find twenty bucks in your product be checking your your genes your winter coat your like. Well that's how I feel with shoes. Honestly I've just compare that huge and have a panel I'm Bridget and uncomfortable position but why has you more hash tag last. Healthy dad. Used to come forward twenty brand new pairs of shoes can sit fifth it's tough right. Hash tag blessed dad the Sarah welcome to that evidence there today. I I'm very much for my cast from birth and K. And it's quite. All right cool well there. What's your way. I'll Wear during Beauty and the Beast. And we opened the same weekend that the mile because without. No pressure I like Emma Watson or anything recchi and. See I'm really excited they're really great cast members they're really excited are you act and there are there opt they're just not at all. Am I doing this play in school are in your community. And if they can pull it eight hitter you tell us which one. Okay and it's called the our arch flares cool off going what communities and and on it so great Arnold it's I don't expect sounds. Jonesboro urged pressed yeah. Awesome congratulations Sarah. Oh yeah. Hopefully she has some real threatening time marketing. I think I'm good at. The brain is working faster than amount this morning it's Monday. Throw it gallon. Can hash tag of the last time that they championship. Am I. Our next tag bless or global key card I got my ought to seek east and so we are. And all you are incredible. Want to thank you your current year is truly a blessing. And the so we don't seem her. I'm sure you are already so with the adoption is official. I'm not yet we'll go through. Well you are. Fact they're they're I don't know authorizations. You know you have to jump through it now ability hurdles if it's serious doubt shot. While she is hash tag blessed to have you in her life. Think Patrick on base camp. Labor shall. Tell us about in hash tag plus today. It turns out an. Being out. And what is her name's. Mary. Pebble of course it is. I I have or shall I have an old person's story okay this guy's guy your mom beat by two decades. I got a story right in 94 year old man in my goal. This to make Jenn hobby cry with the story. I love old people you level people hard and I think I can make yet they make you make you cry so happy birthday area and Harry got. Chariots of Fire. I Harriett and thanks so those are shall. Save par again. Just show. Think I am I glad I I really got my editor and he cluttered. I got them all a toddler Toledo she's to be huge. I'd put a mallet fox Pitt took about a good luck I'll melodies are just great I took I had a carpet. Viewer has sent Taipei and hash tag happy about it sometimes just assimilate it. Osborne did some. Hey Barbara elegant and dozens and show. I'm not expect glanced form might did it oh you tell us to see this. I just started hey you made your current medical lying about a couple of months ago is completely blowing up and we started it recognized stealth. I am so excited in total net what about it there are screened every day that I wake up and I see no order. That's so cool awesome Jeffrey you know a thousand graduation Barbara stay in it hey BJ bio. I. If you would like to be a part of hash tag brown glass there a couple ways you can do it. I number one you can always call us for a 42630941. And number do. You can always go to our FaceBook page and just write down. What are your. Plus wins today because. I'd doing that force you bring you two things one it bushes and negative thought out there to make room for the positive about it. Into a force you to be grateful yet it really does that builds up your heart fills a pickup with good stuff. Star in 941.