Monday, March 5th

With all the heavy news sometimes we need a little reminder of just how #BLESSED we really are! We awesome stories this morning about all the positive things happening in our listeners' lives!

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Star in 941. Asset. Rebecca a hand in Marietta you can started object is a week before 042630941. As our front our brave you know. Wanna tell us something good data from back to Larry you hash tag last. Kim hatch has closed his eye and 38 weeks pregnant. Up early on a monster it's any day now. I know you didn't already. That's awesome. In about what we can Jiang does it become gets this free game day I'm going to be weak let's just Rebecca what do you say. Now. For. Picks he had a 36 elect oh man I okay this is and bundle includes the event as well congratulations Rebecca do you know you're having. Either little boy lay it all all us will cause equities barn UB hash tag plus that's true. Then we. I. Every. Every woman that I know who he's carried a baby. Reaches a points. I remember with huge and that I am all close friends of mine where it's where they go from. Oh I'm a little uncomfortable. There are so big always had sitting right you've hit it out of me so hot topic. You get it out I think cabins when you have to go to the bathroom every five minutes you're like oh yeah. Really I was just didn't hear a for a port she's 63094. Lining is our phone number if you wanna tell us why your hash tag lest anybody in the room have something. I outline from this weekend. Hi Jenna happy so something good idea that we were shopping and it can't it will downtown area gone through boutiques with my mom and a four year old and a two year old and I am beyond hash tag blessed because. They only knocked thing off the shelf that accept that and it didn't break. Pay for anything assets. There is kind of a really nice relief when you drop something that doesn't brainy. I like the other and they. Know I'm talking about I would. Is just an hour as I threw it dog toys for the dog and obviously and I'm now very coordinated NA database old. And it album it's like elegant kind of bounced off the senator casually didn't break I was like huh. Hash tag lessons have hatched a plan that's because I didn't break something German throw stuff in the house anyways. I would just there might make nobody got JP does some good. What are known and notorious for how many activities do I do on a weekend all of their 400. Like six or seven usually are crammed in their right I his relaxed. Really I drink beer played Super Mario world was your way about ten minutes Susan would. And the garage and for two mile run. Night we went to brunch we get all the fun things with no. Schedule no organized activities now I would checker for a fever. Lauren and giants create a wire you hash tag last. I am but as I had they lived aboard anyway I didn't like it. That they can finally start working in Baghdad. Congratulations. You're very very welcome break me in a mine roads Ellis on the OK so. Hasn't kept can't wait it. I assume about your response about that. The worst time. Our kids but apparently. Our husbands parents talk all weekend so I think I'll fire out. Seven days did you even do anything about them I don't answer that again and I said yeah I thought. Wanted to ask her she remembered how much she liked him. I don't got NM has and one actors I'm like oh yeah I remember I'd really like you. Kelly isn't limited comfort in numbers later and it. I Kelly and Larry brands tell us some dead heat. I am I I'm glad I got to finally revealed a big secret I've planned my sister there that began burning girls. As far as how did you do the reveal. I'm not teachers about it the girl amendment right temple and put on them and make change that body like a bit somebody showed everybody. Well she. Re nervous at all because I would 100% screw that up. No I would probably felt like I would like somehow without but no I would really get caught part of your story at the EE. How does he knows both for their revealed. Two weeks and yeah yeah yeah it outages hit out I see that video with us okay. I'll pick it up yeah awesome. Acadia and at Decatur welcome to hash tag last sales and beard. So eventually I get to travel to Orlando with who played video games to win money for a show up. And I just a chance to represent little reached its. I don't know. Yeah that's so cool what do you do. I'm sure there's a tournament going on shore people to travel short actual patient. On its again here in trying to raise money sure all the children's miracle network but I'm going to represent Chela and there's about the rest from Atlanta going to deal that. Com hi guys that solemn days saying at thank you so much for picking greens as you're like person you're gonna be competing. In the name that's so cool and I would guess that our producer Janine is already putting edited this week off next year ago. Same exact saying thank you so I solid each word perfect do ahead senator George you have to do it and clean up and pictures says on social media loves of like our friend that show that well check out my I had sang bless your ego yeah. You summarize that is amazing and gay hers are so awesome giving back they do this more than you would ever now. If you I have sent an awesome that you want to share this we always keep the hash tag last conversation going on and that phrase bird. So if you wanna tell us something dead in a FaceBook dot com jet engine jet. Star in 941.