Monday, February 26th

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NHL all star. For our family and given up online dating come pull quietly. But she was gonna make one and a last ditch effort for best friend really forced her and to rumble radio plus bumble. To see is she could finally find a match she came on the air with us on Friday put herself out there. Billy risk fit. To get the biscuits. Yeah. And. They went on their very first day she met Andrew on the jet engine show. This thing is their first day was only wearing their undies so is this going to be the hilarious story that they tell their grandkids some day you. And yeah. Can you tell that story or do you have to change it mirrored well we match com. And church we can't cut our government does humiliating. First date of all time must. Family how much time did you strained pitching out your outfits. I say I probably spent like thirty minutes. I area and might target and had to find something but I figured I don't know I was a little bit nervous to bare it all on the first say I'm not July. Now that the event is called cupid Zandi Ryanair which is it's basically what it should be called it is. Q Briggs dress of funny and jog and get drunk Ron party the. So bark all. Exhibit is an actual Rhonda but it's offered him cause and an ass and. That was their first date for emling injury so you can do legged tie steamy type thing that the theme that. Is underwear what did you go. I would really like a sports bra and leg English so I kind of cheat a little bit. But I didn't have done it I'm not find something super cute so we're gonna we're gonna work on that particular swisher. I and then what did drew where because drew is described. As having like twelve and she's a fitness trainer abide by. Trade day. That's OC EO Warren like football pan. And obviously no shirt and what about it Jack and I expect that you. Yeah. And let's stop and look at. You'll write it but I do good these street and like a race like everybody else street or define running ads. I think it doesn't finish line like thirty minutes but it's. I mean had they it's a. I didn't run and it hurts. Sides of the important question is. Did you find love. I don't know if I'd unloved I definitely found the trend. He it was super odd. Some final operate I mean the guy and I. Why am I am just. I'm tired of friends down Kelly Kelly will you please translate. That my name saying I am and I just am a brand. Can you please translate that. For the future smash into you and I'll. We brands and but I will tell you I was hair on Saturday and only was looking imminent deny a this you're looking real good darlings and her spores are you looked so cute. And I was thinking it. I'm good friends. Allen said he only implant oh AM and I don't want to give up on dating I don't want to think I'm just like the first state girl and I can't get a second because of summing that she expressed a sense that's the pattern. And I have a friend and we have a party in this weekend. And I wanna send our plant them so the. All rumble part to Arnold are in boulder on a minute. Because I think jade he has a friend's. You have a friend Jay-Z does Senator Clinton has a for and written a microphone on site. I don't sound so surprised and I have a friend Jonah. And then he's the man he is so very and they rides his bike everywhere and is a guy named bands new battle the Banda. Yeah I just might never this is a bit ahead in. So may you may rumble was just the stars. Your future I love story. And they opening all right glorious and many years the way to work as well come up with them the way it's gonna play out. In vain when you disqualify. One of sombre when one loses then you say banging. Overtly. They'll play a buzzer and then a drive through ahead in the lord do his death. She really wanted to dictating and vice premier. The wars matchmaker on the planet oh my god I'm gonna find a vein. No I know. I had no I'm gonna find a band for animal they are. Whom he really thinks he's candidacy off so they won't give or that one time he's in LA dolce oh yeah you're your progress yeah. He's meant we hear you just don't understand him but now he's weird took Firefox I'm not done led Jesse MM MA is I would. Let's say am I just Kelly cheeses Manchuria and. I am gonna get a bang right if you are abandoning kids really didn't tell me up but I do you need to be single. And moves. Just single and Woolsey just Iraq. I am we have one more favored as of year because we've heard rumbled to be a being on the Jetsons and show a regular thing so. Would you pitch it to everybody else who is single guy or girl about this experience how has it been for you would you give it may be a grade. Honestly I had the best buy and sell absolutely if you want to do it duet because you know there are some that they would awesome I really enjoy it a little meeting every one meeting true we've had a fun time thought I would do it again with our aid outside help you know so little about it until. Com awesome awesome again the only thing is it's unfair to send any wine out on a day with a regular man after they have met me. No they let me read everything on falls short following that says that time and as I can hear me drew never strategy and and she's. After Emily saw mice Velde figure. Out what the ceiling. There is Jim guys that all those ads are way overrated as. I said no girl ever since. You get ahead here have a man in Barnes you give me a call when you needed cheese. Give people like us back back back over. So my ass and I think some I let us know of course that would either of the bands. No have figured out there's going to be three bands Arabs are. And one of the good choices I'm gonna handbags. And exam okay debuted band pink guys so my immediate down at. And she I'll still are far.