Monday, February 19th

Between all the negative headlines and challenges in life, sometimes all we need to do is humblebrag a little bit about the small thing and remember why no matter what we are #BLESSED!

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Tell us about your good news why you feel so good today it's your humble bragged time borrow boards he's 6309401. Tells why hash tag less. Still alive in India and in Europe first ride is like Oscar entry on this Monday morning. My sanity in the hair surprised there aren't we have not being in November. I Amtrak tank glad. So what is his name. Christian hate end and how did this surprise gear down. He's just doughnut. Reach parity on Friday morning and how Lopez says someone at minute mile limit your thought how it broke into and it was a sign. I hung my. And light hearted attempt heart melting mountain and that it is a matter of seconds I yeah. Absolute tear it beyond our act for a long time and we got it. It would hurt it week in November and I haven't seen that that I am. I'm just I'm content out today. Hassan Joseph on that tell them thank you so much for his service. As. So cool they're great weekend. Damion Covington Larry you hash tag less. I can hash tag plus there's today it's not starting it's let's say okay are any Farrah. Yeah. Pass say glass and thank all the I think Heidi how do you feel about thirty if you believe the role in their thirties like I got the greatest. Or they run. And they are close I am so glad they edit the niche answered no I. And just very excited at some yes. Go for the expense of ice cream girls. Yeah I just you know exhibiting any update at one end and in either party is gonna be the best years while I've been Amy it is so German only a few months and but thirty is is been so so against niece of our awesome. Have you played EMI there'll yeah I haven't got engaged make nice it is. Exit and I'm still waiting on that fire yeah Jeremy yeah. Rihanna and Smallville Logan and now. I can't. Actually I'm glad because last week I got engaged my longtime boyfriend and yesterday. We found out that we are gonna have a baby. Odds and actually since banking interviews they're obeyed the biggest news is ever call and one we didn't. He's the father of the guy who proposed deal. Guess they got that yeah. They're doing. Are there what happens when you do execute our talk. Does your dad's a sentence so he sang some I don't let agreeing Ilya. Suzanne and grit that log into the show. Why are you know I was anti blessed. I left because. I'm get in this cuteness fasting and I lost ranked as a threat I'm going to sleep on seventeen years I'm not that. DS today and it on Powell's select it off like today it. And so exciting season when he namely kitten. Brett. Disputes. I've thanks very Gaza and he's. Gonna look at all day today I Carmen and that is O Larry hash tag last. I am has had less success today as my thirteenth wedding anniversary just an amazing and lives loves me. There's if they can dance and. Incredible and what's his name Carmen. Hit it got. Nice and congratulations I'm here we last journey. And you say you have viewed through thick and thin. I'm sorry I learn. They get on and that. I'm all sorry I can't miss and as I say happy anniversary kind of anti their best game coming Larry has stabilized. I am after I'm glad because my the end is that there are actually on her way right out here who need it because different university to possibly get hail across our ship but it issued what it killed her outlet allowed out. It's been such reluctant for her. Citing. That's so exciting to be 1718 years old and nine meeting with excludes and talk about college that's a typical time zones lives. Yeah they actually they contacted her she wasn't even looking for a scholarship but they thought our planet how many there. And got a motor coach at McDonald's are. That's thousand yeah RB to stand up for anything. I don't know I can ever instead of brandy. I gave you good good energy into the world meetings as negative thoughts of hot and he's not your day with gratitude it'll change your whole life. And she I'll star. For our.