Monday, October 9th

Start your week off with gratitude!

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Star in 941. Recently going to the Japanese and show the goodbye. I've Trabant if you are listening right now you are a member we wanna hear from you on why if you on hash tag able today 4042630941. It can be the smallest thing that you're grateful for he just put that in your mind starts your week on a whole different notes again it's a call 40426309401. Mine is easy I had a weekend we know solid plans and those always feel good that he. I ended up on a date night both nights where is that most Kelly so. It was like a plan saying. I will tell you that I learned that if you ask people what their favorite Mexican rest financed. You'll get like 400 comments on FaceBook and all of them will be different huh huh huh huh. Ice and I got scroll through body you know there this may Mexican restaurants and sound. And anyone who doesn't like Mexican kids I don't think it's possible. That person access I would not trust that person that's right and I did seem I can think for all three meals on every day of the week and still be looking forward to the next week. I feel like going to be tough for any wind atop your hash tag blessed weekend. We are feeling so hash tag less on Friday we went for our younger daughter recent MRI. And blood work I'm of his or keep an eye on. Her. Her lower spine area and I'm keep an eye on her blood work and we got great great news here all she is still cancer free yeah. Yes so we just certain level of her blood it has to be around a lot of men and last month he jumped up to 22. Which is terrifying because we thought that we were gonna have to face that wolf again and I. We dodged the wolf this this month and so I can't even tell you the emotional life for relief. Washed over my husband I and it's like oh cool man. Susie nothing else nothing else matters yet health and your kids are healthy your family is healthy and you have something to be so grateful for because. When none is on the line there is there's just doesn't scare. Did day I'll give you any indication because I'm really but I know it's it's it's and dirty to be annoyed at somebody who's two years old right right. Did they give any indication because I Reese had her surgery and then she dropped down to life. A senate race who's seven Vinci Jim that's like it's one you like what's funny and Jews and youth aside and Angie is up to 22 and NGOs that tried again yeah I think if we get a little more consistency out of our. I would like to ask her for that I would. Really helpful if we get doesn't get off this rollercoaster forget it but you know as we am. Get further and further away from her surgery with. All this good news. Did percentages get lower and lower some makes Anaheim so if we don't get any anything coming up and then two to three years after her surgery. We should be good golf this stealth through. This year's outbreak and averages and I give us all over the Antonia and John my husband crying he. Ice and he cried like a baby on Friday I got a war. An easy I think Nevada. It was a good crack yeah per share this is offer but he usually tries every time and I guess there are ways everything he has and here's. It's sad that's awkward. Hey Christina and Lawrence O. Let's. So. My. Ears play every day I I I try to work our current. And a slightly. He. So this does to me and after three years you would think that may be that wire we're. And Syria would be you know you know commonplace. And says he loves it when mark Todd Clyde and wrestled him. AS comrades are closed because. I didn't wake up every morning people on June June 3 or bed and go to your job all of this. And I just dead. Owe it to you before Derek actually well it's amaze and hash tag. But yeah that's cool I like to share that conversation. Continues league championship on FaceBook.