Monday, August 21st

What's got you feeling grateful today?

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Star in 941. It is our day with gratitude you think Q so with gratitude he just pushed out all is negative sides you bring so much more positive in your life so. Saying how. I'm right now something that you're feeling so hash tag blessed about. It's talent to brag you can call us and share your sport go toward Tuesday 30941. Let's start our week. With a little bit of gratitude. First of wins. I need that in law itself. Good morning. My older daughter has been living in California for six years going to school so. And really hard having her 3000 miles away but it's finishing up her master's degree and seen his fiancee are moving to South Carolina. Since September social B three. The way I love. I have had tried blasts. Fantastic and Nina thank you so much for Collins. Anybody in the room Deion Shaq less chili cheese I had to relax this weekend which is super nice so old film really hash agro hacks and has sagged blessed for that says. Billy Connolly can might go go go so I really appreciated the downtime. We'll meditative tough times or about pure again. Yes we have a brand new insert I wasn't starting with us today she is a student at GS you welcome. Are you feeling hash tag less very passionate let's eastern schools. Sam what's your first class he got to make it's it was this it isn't my first I. It is actually have this initially with a culture Spanish language and culture I was sent us aren't playing it yeah she just got to make it. I'm awesome island welcome to did you intentionally send how. This semester. Oh GSU and Georgia Tech back in school today. Kristen and Marietta's on the second bless him any. An eighth. I'm glad I admired from iTunes healthy children. Absolutely. If you have your health you have everything rates what are their names. Married in early. Mallory in Marley that's so yeah. I'm great names right then. Also laying forth on that passion and plus why so many assists as a crazy thing about one thing that's really good going on your life. And the passion and less than a son bragged. Him brag about your blessings that's totally fine totally fine start your day with that attitude of gratitude it'll change your life as we promise. Thanks for making this wedge to the chest congestion. One start now before want to.