Monday, July 31st

Start the week off with some gratitude! What are you feeling #BLESSED about today?

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Star in 941. Concept is simple put a positive energy. In New York hey did take some some of the room that negative energy so. Easily occupies. And you do that has an easy way to get positive energy is with gratitude because there's always something to be thankful for. When he was what's going on good and your life he always gotta post it with hash tag blasted. I visited us and so cheesy but I am Saturday. I watched this literally watched. The sunrise. And the sun sets. And I thought that you. You'll experience it firsthand man. I just want him hash takes less than the church it was. I was dead asleep they named Sadie was Reagan's knowing she'd go outside so. I just. Stayed out like it was a few minutes before sunrise just didn't want to send a loud and I have to be and the boat while the senate without. Beautiful. Oh man read a slam dome about this. Instead I'm hash tag at last. Cool people weighing in and if FaceBook like Melissa Rogers. Shepherd who's having a baby this week it's number three for them. She says she's cash stay glass and Amanda brand name it just got promoted to hash tag the last. And Anjelica. Allan Alston and after six and a half months of military training she found out that her son is gonna be stationed close and after Atlanta. That they can visit them every month I. And that's so cool laws and a couple of hash tag plus from FaceBook this when I connect to big time. Elena climbs to glances says she kicked cancers in black and she's three years cancer free cash check blessed and this once you Lacey Sanders says. They're pregnant with their first after sixty years of struggling with infertility. Hash tag glass eye into or Maggie what do you got. So my sister she's been an Auburn all summer are connect hands on and says she's at home for this week and she's my best friend and I'm Matt Stairs and the fans all together as a special because announcement went to grad school so. Taken advantage never managed. With my sister and parents and hash tags blessed loves us. Bad sibling love and I'll never really. That's the only Giles. Shape bwics you've got over there I gotta dance moves for days I was at a silent this go ahead your birdies silent just goes yeah. Well. If you're walking by the battery on Saturday night you would think the budget people war on drugs because they were all dancing a bunch of different crazy ways and I was one of those people. And people pat me on the back. I was sweating. What I was also get a high five from a dance moves anywhere penny I had a bad name they're pushing a single anybody out. Yeah. You know these are welcome to have been Jeff and then showed cafe blast. I was down. Since I happened and my iPad and actually there and get on nightly echinacea and actually I can't solid and excite at. You just saw your husband after two years. But truly cares why is it's. Do you and a country and I agree I thought that I am and on he didn't come easy to come and CE. And yes I'm guessing when you guys sites out there as best pretty big fireworks. I don't I don't know I think she automatically got my need to pick you up in the yeah and I'm. We don't get a nothing about how do you get a school with anybody could yeah with a vacation. That is how sex marriage and my sag love. Good odds I'm glad I found AM updated it I just how easy is so hopefully. They've got out of this mess onside. Time banks there's an hour we got my fact is you're awesome. Field on a guy that's for making this way. Indigestion yes one start now before want to.