#Blessed 2/06/17

Monday, February 6th

Let's hear why you're awesome!


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Sorry not before one okay Terna Nande. And Jesse James shell hole now. KV and at noon in a log on to the jab and James share hurry else. Do according to I did we are counting and you over some positive energy when he got. My fiance and I think Celine came out today like I think that's. That's. What's his what's his name and how did he proposed. It. I was coming home from Los perjury Rosie or both Freddie and it is healing in our living room and. And honored with white Ali got my first that I can't jump up and down and as guests about a million. I'm this if that's awesome so you choose you you walk through the door so he is obviously waiting you cite your car condemn streets and in the driveway and he's a guy a year ago. You know in addition you also know it's just about her bowl. Yeah I don't plan. Ervin Welsh Smart on his part for doing it before the game on my guys they're good planet it is antenna rafters and has congratulations Katie. Yeah or asset blasts. Lindsay welcome to the show Lindsay carters don't. Need. Hash tag last when he got. Ahmed Al. And April that's coming up here our daughter will essentially be ours through adoption and how has left can gradually. Surf on the news that's fantastic. It was your daughter's name Catherine. Awesome congratulations. Thinking oh. It's sad. Gaming and Dick you'll hi ban. Ownership and I how bury him and I. Don't like what I'll call will think I'm zoning for a listen and then what do you feel on hash tag blessed about. It out in. All it's again a great way to approach it and your rights. Apple app mom right tibia sore loser right bands like mayor says this the beaten path. Pretty mile an eight. Eats. It. All I hit it. This EDJ. Dailies and about it. That's again that's very good and you're teaching everybody you're teaching a lot of adults this morning and it's time to get back to work there's always next season right that's right. And I. Thanks fans my growth path. All his team to save that then Dunwoody. These best and welcome to this. And. What are you I had a blast the map. And yesterday and see term opportunity to celebrate my dad's 83 birthday hash tag blessed wonderful. That's awesome and Richard have name. You name it prompt awesome have a rhythm at all. And. It's sad. Bryant now for up daily don't. We are good how about you. I'm good I have a lot of thought our I just I'm not education. I paid and getting eighth or I am engaged and getting married in June and up close and how are few weeks. I'll the trifecta right there that's awesome you're totally hash tag blasts. Possible thank you for that senator Sharon congratulations on everything. Thank you how very Iraq and twice or go to our school you're somebody in twenties in their twenties as a life more together that night. Appreciate Bryan I'm going to think self. That's an ashtray he gave us. We can always take your hash tag of the last comments on our FaceBook page if you want a war. Again it is think about it in your head it's not some you have to share on the radio or share publicly but the attitude of the idea being that if you put a positive in your brain and have a better day. Like attracts like so be positive. Star in 941.