Monday, July 24th

Whether it's a big win or a small one, sharing your gratitude brings a smile to everyone's face!

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NHL all star. It is so simple all you call us and use our radio station to tell the world. The three dozen people listening why you are. Our hash tag him last what are you grateful for came in your life for for a number 404263. 0941. Interview about somebody else or yourself is Jenna always explains they're named Bragg and a pleasure and it waves. Hash tag flat tells C game tennis Europe first where he got. I finally get kidnapped the world that I'm going to be an. The first I. And yeah. Aren't they seeing. Do you have as a boy or girl. A boy yes please our time when you get to become and Kelsey. This immigration. How exciting this is going to be such a special holiday for your family. Yet only in that subject. And seeing. That's kind of parenting because. All of her civic kid that you return that when he gets sticky you have yet to give iMac and I think he. For whatever reason alone nephews alone their hands in them. Many other fans tell the right thousand fine for graduation gowns and planning a trip. Awesome congratulations. Think I can't get. I anybody in the room got anything hash table as far as I. Yeah especially hash tag blessed we did you know when some new friends this weekend on Saturday. And they gave us such a personal gift at an event that I it was. Remarkable. All day long as anything that you have with your own kids fit specialty you usually keep I'd put in a keepsake box and stuff like that. They've created these like. For all intents and purposes would make states like mix CDs for them and their kids because they're special songs that they shared together with. Their family and their kids a little older now becoming teenagers they don't listen to them anymore. Instead of stashing them away and like as you know keepsake box or put them in an album where I don't just saving it for memories safe. They didn't tell us for kids do really thoughtful. Those awful and so personal so now we have these like. Albums that were so special to another family again to us and you. He listens not you guys just washes over me like what a special personal guess that was so. I was on super hash tag plus about actually give that to me I would have to find a friend who makes me so much spirit and give me a CD player. Half why isn't this the recent pay these players in the car fan. A man march on he never uses man. It's MCDX reverend MW thank you so much of these cool shiny coaster. Start laying at whereas when you have died last. I am has expressed with a predator list says and you don't sense that Gingrich. I was invented them or experts say it and I entered it didn't do. The songstress south like when he won pilot. Well the next morning. I here's battery door open and I your outlook thanks and they come out and it's every completely. Wiped one event here or anywhere I would. I just terrible birthday recently and I will attempt to experiment and in light that package or add it up front why anyone pilot along with sixteen flag but it. A house. It was so let me. So funny and so thoughtful. Awesome starlet and some jokes during sanctions. If you have a hash tag last few that I share as its ease did you just get a taste but dot com slash Jeff and Jen show. And go ahead and that break your hash tag last resent. Underneath that and it's on the Internet and everybody in the world can hear you brag about your brother. Or your new nephew or whatever it is you have on ideological new neighbors who gave you shiny sea coast. Remembered business. Hash tag let's stick on her FaceBook yeah. Thanks for making this wedge. Today Jeff congestion. One start now before one and it.