Tuesday, February 21st

It's time to brag about your blessings!


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Sorry not before one okay. Terna Nande. I'm Justin Jan shell hole. I'll go first and I want it now Jersey day yesterday. Argument argument came warm sector. I wanted an ace out of Jersey day yesterday so. I Cali and I just spent has just left thousand new orders outside all day goes perfect. Yes I aaron's Grammy airing of sixty degrees out sayers I mean of reasons I'm outside all day alone. I think you know what we had the I was just outside the I anyway else here have a hash tag closer to share. As tag blessed. I went to state and Kentucky I was hanging out in the woods up there and the hot tub didn't even work we did. Did for my spirits but no I took four years got a hot enjoyed myself the jets who broke and it wasn't even that warm I was there. I don't think they didn't always work finished like blessed. Arming and Gaza as being hashed it was all about job managing your best friend's birthday whatever you wanna do Collison tell us how you are hash tag blessed. Hi Jeff picture and show aspect west what's I've. The corporate world and open I don't play this year and nice work overboard what kind of sleazy guy. Toyota started few service provider anybody wants a GBS hotels caterers. I'll whatever we're doing nice things cheaper we meet debt and whatnot and now we are we are killing us right now. Let alone are you sure because that sounds fishy and. OK okay night. I which has named. Tilly HI LLY and hilly what was your how boring corporate job before this. He wrote the broker. In the corporate world and I got a little risky corporate for me an alibi we we we found out we found this company that we. We're rioters everybody else there's only did it and now our company has called high rollers sushi. Awesome congratulations LA it's. At its asset. Hey Jason welcome to the DeVon James show. Katie me and my daughter got bad start yesterday and it looked of this thing I ever heard all. Awesome congratulations Jason Richard utters maimed. Hannah and now what surgery guys that. What Christchurch possible congratulations. And thank you and literally hash tag by CNN earlier. A big I think they should do that aftermath. Amber look for the shell. Good morning wolf I think maybe this segment is hash tag of west what do you got. I am actually I'd let people as I have poll question seven month old eight people eight. Good going into thinking every day and errant pass central Powell and Richard baby boy's name. Clayton awesome thanks amber has excellent. This is a man. You learn your mind a lot of news shall marry you and I'm well thank you can teach we are saying last what do you guys. My opinion. And oh yeah. It is. OK. Aren't all new they have no idea they attract I think it. Awesome you are hash tags super glad to have her and basically a part of the shares of time. It would cheer a son's name. I told German at a cut it out the seizures things happen. Like mine and share that conversation continues league championship on FaceBook search starring 941 Atlanta.