Monday, May 15th

Start your week off with a little bit of gratitude, and you'll be surprised how great the rest of the week can feel!


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Okay Terna Nande. And Justin Jan shell hole. Well as less is where you get to call and Brad what's good in your life it's a way to put gratitude near I share with everybody what's going right for you oh. Instead of thinking about things can complain about. Are things going wrong I think a mini grateful for and share with us 4042630941. Scaring incoming welcome to the chefs that I was. Buying. We. Area tell very. Happy birthday how are you now. And. And then now seven years old happy birthday and well. Oh all floor come home moms coaching in the back half of conflict and safe and then do this use your manners wipe your mouth. So to speak a funny. I Tammy Lawrence though it's up. Hi guys I guess we'll see there and they had only Saturday Atlanta's school. Jagr has been fast I don't plan kind of I. And then I Tammy we're thinking about throw it sends an and the schedule I think we called it. Teaching it for real along the lines of parenting for real late left. Think about how well there we go ordered me a fan. So it's a good ideas where you're saying. I have Fredericks it's. I Tiffany welcome to the show. The. They can't rule tell us why you're passionate blast. The ferry down my travel and and wonderful and I won both yesterday and may help me out small. And me I we have a new home when I earned nine. And I we came. And guy and I hope I can match and food. And yes. Activity was your teacher's name. Fool me all she sounds like a or really really nice teacher. And Tiffany everybody's doing okay your feelings on right. And all you are hash tag last week that is incredible. I am only an act correspondent of the jet engines show. Let me. So let's get I am. Fantastic. I think I had to spend the whole day you know both AM today out on her beautiful currents and my whole family celebrating a wonderful Mother's Day. Cost them. It was a gorgeous day yesterday Arnett as. So colonel yet. Though are fired a good guy go under and let them okay. Everybody has have the first sunburn of the year where you like oh yeah look at that summer's air summer is here yeah. It got a little SPF. Really got today for 88 today. It's between ninety and Wednesday yes yes give its image. And when I am. Hi Jana. Hey Jennifer Lawrence Hill. Good morning I am has eclectic says and I quote really. In down from I had a son's Mother's Day with that and I'll be here for the whole week. And I didn't remember it glass panel and let's bring together so this is so wonderful awesome I. Are you on the same house. And yet they're staying I'm listening my husband and that's going to actually make mass. Yeah this is I say it was on Monday by Friday's game like as they get out of your career. Much of a hash tag only child for that to be ahead in westerly Manhattan sang happy for you. I write things Jenna okay actually in Buford tells I has sagged bless Bob hi. Hi she says she's celebrating eighteen months clean and sober that's on me and actually it for you eighteen months just to be hung up on by Jeff. Page Katie in Covington. More and Lamar and yeah I'm happy place because that beautiful monitor it and I had I Euro. Hey smile and your call up Kurt how exhibiting. I can tell you are just emotionally joy. And I didn't hear any good. On so awesome Katie and welcome to jet engines are squad birds that it had yeah. We are the Yankees own minds we love having yeah. You season any. Sex. So. The reasons. I. That is apparently allowed a lot of pressure here right now I would do we have time for one more one more topic a big good and dandy with pilots go as raven and can't. I'm glad to get I don't. The lady in Barre here Asia I finally got it you. Well yeah yes like a loss nicely done have you had an old or those two girls again out of the elevator and their like you know we know those numbers because we're Smart. For Bausley now I am nannies other that I feel for you right now raven IQL lockout that elevator to Daley yes I got this Kurdish independent. On the ravens in grads. Raven that is so. Raymond. Yeah that I couldn't help may have. I'm sorry and that's sad. Mayor and the room broke Greg we worry you rely and I'll pass that lesson the great weekends yes saying he has great company very time is very weekend. Which got. Jeff you spent on a late i.s that allow floating around a laser mag got to have dinner without Cali and her parents last night. Her sister for mother stay in my mom's Mother's Day flowers got delivered the florists and I've been Syracuse is so over -- get delivered at 6:30 PM yesterday. I under the wise I don't put off calling her until they came in because they can call in not having give better. As I'm virus though Ashe day Lester the flower delivery people up in Syracuse working overtime thanks for making this alleged. In the chest congestion. One start now before want to.