Monday, May 8th

What's going good in your life? We want to hear all about it!


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All right now before one okay. Terna Nande. And Jesse James Jones all net. Hash tag blessed is so simple. Just tell us what's awesome in your life yeah it's your chance to brag. Pirro say hash tag bless you not brag and you just learned the strategy for a 42630904. Wine. Ops is size or phone number and if you wanna use the radio airwaves to broadcasted dozens of people why you. Our. It gets spots you can do that for a 4263094. Lines anybody here in the room when I pick things up and make up some anybody embody somebody I do what he got. Nothing says love like sharing your circulate with your fiance pump. It's parents are doing before Zoe did the same time lady in the tramp style. Get this over my head tech where weird but we are a blessed. Tiffany and a lot of element of the show. Oh how are huge today and wire mesh bag last. I'm amazed at Aaron and I am. Hitting amazing we had eight in our building our act and nursing and rehab facility in northeast Georgia asks. And has made US. Becoming a good survey since they all are back with a the building closed Friday at 1 o'clock three Sunday. And every everybody did phenomenal. And everything went really well I'm so proud of him every day I'm. I came home and I don't let me dinner maybe expert we always. What's the name place you work and we're Chara and his name some gold sea as it may amendment. Husband Dane Crist sampled. I and that name than nursing facility is gold city. Yet Darren. I thanks in any testing west you so much. Sounds like I now magic city yeah Huff for a gold club via the which used to be like magic city. Who knows what they do you have you know it also has got to I don't. Yeah make him less time in the next up rather mainstay huge. Act as. That govern it could step aired. Advantage dangerous hot. I I'm meg getting coming welcome to the show. Current I don't I don't dude Barry has taped last. I'm half black but because I have a child as a graduate who cars more center this child with you Mexico's culture its senior. I'll let go straight to college from empty seat. And I am so proud he's gonna get to walk across state the current cabinet but I some may again that's amazing. Yes it it would sit here which is our where's he graduating from. And name it marking crying and chances are they university with the Iranian. Computers are on. Ash tag lasts for a short thank you may end ascent. From. Cave Bridget in Madison. A lot of why you hash tag blessed today. I and had I let the clip I felt I was. And what does it ain't so we currently fighting breast inserts ads based wine. This is going to be special Mother's Day for you guys as a net. Possible tell her she lighting she's got this. Absolutely yeah actually I'm guessing parents are quiet night but as he already you know let Eric I'm now third in the week. Special. Definitely will bridge will be thinking about you thank you for Colin thank you. Molly in Lawrence Hill race. We can't follow about one match I'm very glad that Israel out its final. Amen yes. You are done that was finals after today yes which one you can flourish and hopefully be counted. Good luck I have I have to ask and none of us. Yeah there. All right then I. So. Okay stare at an Alpharetta. Don't you boring re welcome Jeff engine show wife has said blessed today. I was gonna do it or did you go to McDonald's to get my usual breakfast in her pocket who don't fit your black. Starting quarterback Brett yeah. And we know the hot Sam. Meg muffin man the past half. I you know what I thought it but banana imports are now adults Hong yeah. We're happy to be to have glorious era have a great day. You see things like I'd. So I got canceled our one hour we got to go low lying to weld left in Smyrna. Hey how you are you asset plus today. I'm like splash because my husband will be here a couple of days he's been on. It does so the army. And I try and we feel about six market. Well and then. Japan. And he's come back come. It's awesome what weight. What is your husband's name. Ill on anybody says please some and thank you for his service. Sorry I only hope things sell that things are giant jet engines have. So little about the. Defeated at the end stats are three markets and isn't Giamatti Rodriguez shared one testified that she married again and Geovany proud of that of that pretty powerful claims. He's yo money and out of Regan and he's in the military you. The strong man right there as hot as you know I just automatically picture him like 65 and he used stuff. Thanks for making this wedge to the chest congestion. One star not before one and.