Monday, April 24th

If you've got something great going on in your life, big or small, now's your chance to brag about it!


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Star in 941. Fast say bless this sounds simple you just put a positive god in your brain. First thing in the morning it does two things what makes you feel good is a positive thought in two. It pushes how one negative shock to your brains only see obeyed. Hash tag bless on the Jeff contention gives you chance to brag about what's good and your life yet tell the whole world why you are hash tag last. 4042630941. It's a Monday morning staple here on the Chevy engine Joseph let's start let's start. I hundred Jenna be a start I go to is so right now has tapered. Since I. Hash tag blessed to have met a new friend the Hershey store last night a real name is Courtney and she's about to graduate from our burn and she came running up to me in the pilot program and said. Are you democratic from the Japanese can show and I said yes I am and she said I cancer survivor also. I feel like I made a new friend in me I'll I'd rather she told me her whole story should be leukemia she's about to graduate from. Auburn and she's going to work for the rally foundation dedicated and she followed Greece's whole story and she was just such a great positive light of awesome energy and incredible cancer survivor who defeated and it's just another. Awesome ray of hope. Franchitti struggling and it gives you a new category of friends. Grocery store friends you. You've got summer camp friends in high school friends and I'll. Friends and Atlanta friends in Florida friends I considered our she's different the column survivor or France pay go that. I second blast site. JPG meaning they're beginning I got one yeah. I did do a review of Heidi units on. We were supposed to go play volleyball on Sunday but we got rained out so we looked at each other really feel like doing some fitness or anything else with a digital is said. The and we sat on the couch and ate pizza and watch how much your mother it was a wonderful Sunday did it arrive high eighty ninths not to be doing something yeah back. Yeah it did and what your fourth. I joys in Jasper welcome to the shell. Hi I am Craigslist because I have a wonderful sixteen year old daughter. Is that getting grade point average in the hurt clad lol and yes but current drug maker for the pig I think and. And I cannot go and and why Joyce do you think she's not first. Yeah I didn't think big and I don't really wanna put it I'll read I am very. AAR Richie welcome to the show also from Jasper how you doing. Thank you Arianna dead how great would it be if Reggie is the number one GPA holder that'd be awesome. I am actually call it guidance is. I am not checked blood because. I just got accepted in the college again after wanted to hear op at a safety. Doug congratulations. Cancellations on both fronts awesome we don't school. Thought they hos congratulations Richie aspect. Yes. We'll. Lay lie in Atlanta why are you hash tag last. I'm let's go to my mom. And why you tell us why would tiger mom speaks at the very issue you root for me. Rallying crying. She met mommy in the world. So I'm just when mom. That's a slave I mean do you need something from her is that way attending this event right now as Canon. I can't slow check on the continent Leila banks lay. You also own its ascent. So. I'll share away and I Saturday it was my sixth month wedding anniversary yeah. Yes I'm hash tag last because dame Jihad. I guess you. And and you are Smart is he laughed at and I guess I got Cuba and she likes me and having rehash say bless them. Another call from Jasper. I Jackie log on to the show. Hey. Where are you hash tag last. I recap I did. And I have a husband bill is these are stopped at it till I let's. Our hospital which has been same. And it did Jasper Jay didn't ask for dead as the best partner in life. Let's not yet as they are not look at that awesome thanks Jacqui. Jamie Lee got I eat just on Saturday officially applied to go back to school shut up really. Totally forgot and I know there's so I'm willing to take one class this semester of but I'm gonna are at school it's again as a graduate. Not 100 degrees very Jiri until I actually have a portfolio to apply as a graduate student and still only one class. At a time but I just and the school and I wanna do stuff with our right now I don't even think its four career because I love being here. But I just have really want to and I want people and the professors and good grades and missed being graded I don't know. Anybody we can Granger of July. I. Q while we it is same Jean Kennedy. Felt if you want to me there's no problem that that doesn't seem yeah I'm I'm really excited. And of course you mean says she misses school. Aren't as cool. Hopefully I'll maybe get it and go into learning how it could develop if you. Oh my enemy so awesome right to sue your cell smarter than all of us on this show but he. Why you even worse he's. Spare brain cell over here and start O'Sullivan worked today until then you can. Now back to the 01 story nannies or wants.