Tuesday, January 24th


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It's probably gonna burn oil and. Jeff and Ngo goes for a solid 6060 minutes. 715 all of us are known for more month. You are just a couple minutes away from your chance at a thousand bucks are four payday plastic payout continued on star 941. We'll have next chance in just a couple moments. Insists. I we stumbled out of hash tag last a couple weeks ago we get it later on in the show. And it was it was the concept ways. Parliament brag about yourself. It's a deep breath and social media you've got to put hash tag last. Absolves you for the bragging right it's like if you call somebody an idiot for you say bless their heart. If it indeed analysts on IBM's lets me. So it's the same concept of Reading about what's going great in your life and we said it. It's what we do with gratitude to freshen pretty easy just talk about over grateful for. But instead he just write about elections in cash and blesses. I'm more finally do have what we thought was rigged it. But we thought people we're going to be kids is Jen got all shoes like I doubters the greatest honor in the world she memorized hold tune for. And then I was like I make better hamburgers anybody and the and the best and we and we both have a blast with them on the phones ring and people are much less selfish and they were bragging about that phone call we did a hash tag blast went off from a woman who got stuck in traffic. She called her new house. In this guy she put him on speaker found in he'd read her the book that she was reading it home. Read it aloud to her and then when she got home he had dinner ready and math on there I was like. I'm pleasing and 4042630941. We're trying to see if hash tag last it's here and replacement for. Strategy fresher thirty for a 14630941. Is the phone number JP got anything I have to glassware. I could take any lame party leg of its just prunes and butterscotch candies and a bunch of people who don't like each other. I don't act as Israel and have it be a memorable one party and nominee eagle could do that hash tag blessed. Jack either party starter if. It. I gotta be some be totally honest I am. Grateful for that Atlanta Falcons. Like they have single hand that team I mean and that played a great game yesterday and they. Worked really Harvick is goal mental ages mean. Stratton I know how hard they work but. I and just happy that they disrupted. My FaceBook fees. From the bickering. Is going gone back and forth between every single brand that I knew who would post something even remotely. Polarizing from one side or the other I appreciate the Atlanta Falcons for their ability to disrupt my FaceBook feeds. I would say recent news is the exact same way. On Friday everybody was polarized about the inauguration. And planting their posters in their marches for Saturday so I threw out the news that. Race at clears scans on her MRI cancer is out of her body. Lines Reese's magic fun and I got so many messages throughout the day thank you for this beautiful bit. A really great news so Reese makes me hash tag blocks sat. And we're gonna give you some details on that magic finally here and just a couple minutes because. We want our money. And just taken off and it says they're really great costs will pay about out recent mad community's second Reagan and Sandy Springs welcome militia. Hate her hike I can brag about it I'm not I'm not. I'll let that aspect I'm I'm glad I let it end I can buy a house. And on and and meeting and they are laying the year and yet I'm the technical. Isn't immediately senator Arnie and it I just Internet reporter militia. I am hash tag plant which has de rigueur stern you know and that it came alliance are literally just found out and have a little overboard. It's so. And that's the formula that you like rate is at replicate Europe rain older sister younger brother. Yes that's a little too and that's our only. Bless congratulations hey Kirby and Dallas welcome to the show. I am glad I have an. Alan. What's her name. Thanks for the call Perry. I'll for a 42630941. If you wanna get in. I'm hash tag blessed with a couple more phone calls. Outrage if we have somebody with a thousand dollars in vain. Will tell you how you can spread a little hash tag last. Two teams who are suffering from cancer is Jim's got a small projects. During camp literally. The Forte at day plastic payoff on starting now before more. He Seahawks aren't going to be a brilliant man. As yes now. He's your word is peace. As in the peace sign EE EA CE. Yeah I just haven't sobering part that I sometimes it never look at words so much you are the winner. I just as. Keith I think give peace a chance expect upwards of 7881. Your chance at a thousand bucks at the airport heyday classic pay off here and start 941 message data rates apply please take the drive where it is Heath. Expect to 7881. Before some 1514 2000. And when you win that money you will be. And I. Are somber indicator what militia. Current well I want them almost while I was allowed playing in an all. And you don't sound an alarm that I'm in the Elton yeah. How much on the wrong and that coming year it won't 2008. We are finally moving on our brand new okay. I SM can actually since the old old what's the name your show others however. So. Don't. Miss that welcomed the channel. And I kind of say that I am all my kid and it looked at my play and I'm grateful or even that didn't. That day at the human heart and I get back to your house. So. It's sad. Are we gonna talk about why it's amazing is Jen and her husband ran it started. We. Inspired we'd by the fight that her daughter Reese had with cancer over the past six months. We want to do something to say thank you to her medical team at children's healthcare of Atlanta because when you're looking. And a doctor and oncologists. Or her team of oncologists who are all amazing. Or her surgeon who took the tumor out of her tiny little baby body and you just say thank you. That seems insufficient so we spent a lot of time the about what are we gonna do to join this fight against pediatric cancer. There are incredible organization some right here in Atlantic cure childhood cancer. You know rally foundation eons friends family and friends foundation so many incredible organizations that are. Dedicated to raising money to doing the only support. Two funding research and we just not what can we do that specifically says thank you to Reese's doctors. And so that's why we started Reese's magic fund is that we'll find a consortium that her doctors believe then this'll bring doctors together and six continents around the world. To exchange their research. In cure childhood cancer a consortium is just a fancy after word for ball club. That they'd book club of really Smart readers from all over the worst Smart people from all over the world so not only will we be funding. The research that will continue here and it and it will fund and and take care of kids all over the world so. That's what the money is going specifically to donate to charities you wanna know where your money is going what is going to right. So when you go to Chela dot org slash Reese that CH 08 dot org slash Reese. You'll see our letter right there you'll see exactly what this money is going to fund. On C can feel good about your donation and whether you've got one dollar despair if you've been inspired by Rees. And she's immune he sort of hope or any sort of smiles along this journey with us. I would and I would just beg you to it did donate one dollar five dollars whatever it is that you can do because every little bit goes a long way we're already off and running you guys have been so supportive. And we just thank you so much so on this is our life's mission now this is this is our goal because I want every parent to get the phone call. That week not last week saying. There's no cancer. In. Finance the first. Segment that is make all those uncles and yet yes we would love to put children's health care of an out of business on the oncology floor. Yet the oncology for gynecology flock because kids are stuck to break their arms they can make an event in the hunt or hey show RCH 08 dot org slash. Reefs. Yes and change I started this Friday if we got to throw party. Yeah of the inauguration we can I Annie and we wanted to form. What band. Would we have our own inauguration. Mean you got to go I'm. Friday I get to go on Friday. GP LE NG and there's on next and that engine. Let's sideline. Jet engine shop.