Birds and the Bees Talk

Tuesday, April 12th


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All Sierra I was just asking Janet about the birthday party that they're gonna have to. And school for her daughter today and I looked down and in the middle of this story just telling me about there's this event. I didn't even hear what you said then a your theory is that Sarah and Atlanta has a fantastic pro golf dude not hang up Sara do. RA homer. Where we're talking about who beat you to the birds and the bees I had day thirds the of explaining babies. It was in our house that my friends kids got a hold of and I forced her hand and having a conversation that. Have yet because of the spoken house so. We're wondering who beat you to the birds and the bees. Hey marina would you mind picking up a lying three forming our target Amy and Swanee. And on my computers like that says hey Amy what's up. Get morning everybody out there aren't out there right. We're scared I'm doing great after seeing my says about the palace that's going to be buried there. Yes trying to guide. Well here's my story though at the time I'm right I had chip boy. I'm a knuckleballer Karl import Jackie always play. And I we work I was with mom we were out there and they met an act that. As an arrow there there's like eight. That. Might not out there I. We are UK. And mom let her daughter that's funny. Each other and the that yes. We enter. Keep that in my prayer chips. Mate that. In my brain. And I achieved that. And what your mom may not wearing any underwear. How she met baggage well all I'm sure her mind in DC he gets angry saying oh my god. Says the classic you show me mine I'm sure you aren't you in Atlanta eight not an error. Oh yeah. I'm saving that little trial or not even taken any responsibility for your Nathan what we. To tell all but all of our way she was mortified. My son had done it. But everything is might chew toy and I can I try to talk. Email and we got to stop you because I want I. Got an editor and a any you are the Lyon who sent me thin out into the world without underwear. I'm glad you're the one who in eight years the enable. Jason in cities friends what's up. OK so there's certain about how I learned about how much I learn OK art it's his reaction to it. So much somewhat the camp arm got it was like eight or nine I think when he comes back and yet and 1 evening he says to me. He goes daddy I heard something at camp sounded just. Crazy. And he of course described. Where you know here he's going and Herbie and yeah eat. You know I had a long conversation about it I really believe in being honest with the kids that. And giving them you know plenty of detail so they understand they don't have any additional shall overcome this conversation and he looks at me and he. Says. That's the closest thing I've ever heard in my life sure breakfast. And it's just about perfect but wait what comes next seed and had me because. I want to do it as soon as possible. It's. My son loved cared and so he wanted to have kids you like I wanna get about the way it's sound gross but what I don't know that I'll have hit that my now. Follow what you. Were about eight. Agree I think I've ever heard of an island her is that it is possible that his dad ever left our rights I've been waiting for you knew. This story sounds outstanding. And add them all I. Prepared. Eight and aren't so we're all aircraft watching. There can't. Hey I'm back I mean Tara Kirk I locked in March a lot. I wouldn't tell you we're making it didn't that you hear about out. And locked in not my grandparents and my. Explain me what happened. Uh huh uh huh uh huh you'll all catch me if I'm not. Or. How are you a functioning adult you saw your grandparents. Doing it. I don't know about. You should be in therapy right now. I'm so proud to use steroids you have a job instant. Where there at all are you capable of normal relationship aspect of our Obama. I judge says that's outstanding and so. Your grandparents obviously jumped out as fast as a double bowl people could leave up and grandpa grandpa I sat down review and well when a grandmother and grandfather love each other very eyes shift. Got Sarah thank you so much he has made my day.