Big Game Brad Update: Did He Tell Her?

Thursday, February 2nd

We're back with Brad and we have to know, did he tell his Wife-to-be?

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Thanks for making us less. Indigestion just one star not before one and I we got a big game Brad an update on this guy. Who. Getting married on Saturday. And might be able to go to Houston for the big game on Sunday. He would just miss a day or two of his honeymoon. Two days of resigning today or any idea I mean you are gave them a lot of advice whether tell us fiancee now. Don't tell his fiancee don't Strasser out so he heard all that advice and then yesterday. We got a voicemail from them. But how he got bumped up one spot so he's one spot closer and he was going to talk to her body could hear the excitement in his voice that he was. Thanks Martha don't know. So he's coming out this here in just seconds and then that we've got to where is this relationship going we're going to be talking when Dana and add them. Saban friend us. The difference is benefits for about four years and she wants more so we'll do that coming up next. X. I Brad actually has two updates forests most importantly he talks to his fiancee. About the possibility that he can end up going to Houston for the big game Sunday that's number one. Number two. He's got a definitive answer on the timing. So if he does gal. He knows how much of his honeymoon he will mess. So let's tackle that 11. OK hey Brad. Me I adored like there are jitters leading up to your wedding day in the first place you've got there are air everything. But it's it's no don't have. Should. I don't know about that but it now up to got a terrible he's not here. So you'd still have the number one position and in the lottery that position number one is a line. So you're then if that ticket frees up near the next get ago. That's right our right Obey me I'd explained US the timing then. You get married on Saturday. You leave for Houston on Sunday and then what happens. Well I hear we're Jolie gave. The problem by Ron Nadia is the charter flight coming back. Doesn't we don't charter out of artsy. Seoul will be land together separate air yoke which means there is no chance for me to get on the first flight out of Atlanta on Monday. So I will not be able to be in Honolulu on Monday night. How Ole miss the first two days. Of the honeymoon. If I do we. Aren't so yeah. Okay all right so with that timing and you did talk to her. I did. You'll. We oriental. White. We're gonna eavesdrop on what he's gonna share it as. He's getting married on Saturday. There is a chance. That he can go to Houston. For the game on Sunday. Being born and raised and alana. I am lifelong falcons and he did go to god through his work. On Sunday but if he did that his new wife would have to fly to Hawaii by herself. Now we know for today's be there on her honey men alone and spend the second and third night of life is a married woman. I herself at your honeymoon destination. How many days now how long is the honeymoon. And 820%. Of Ronnie men and. And is apparently T the other day Brad you were describing your fiance is not really big sports fan. No tiger essentially kind of you broke up where they. You know. You know I noted gave she'll go with me you know should not you don't beat not hurt the ego. Aaron. I let's hear how wins when you spoke to your fiance about this possibility. Well. We talked about it canceled awards going dawn and how these things work out for the company beard and and how that works in. She eats world. I don't OK would it. She says you know this is kind of what one and a lifetime opportunity and in all they seek could she won't she would be okay if this worked out that way. So I could go out there and come back. It's important to what she want you know a little bit but he you know what is Hawaii because collection going to is the New Jersey. You know she's going to go and why you you know like blackjack albeit OK but it. So she was all right with that but you know she told a bowler about it. And we would she told a model body she Obama started crying here. Rob got all of that did. But she's like oh this is rub this in a bad side and you know this this you know how can pocketed urged turn out well look. Like this although first we'd get a Mike Callaway Golf. What what will the Labatt. So see you know that you know that we're gonna put her on you know from the little bit and could promote pillow didn't. And you solo careers in any mother in law giving you this stink eye on your letter today was the first. Yeah look I know they are going to be pretty that's going to be a lot of that happens. You know all I really didn't that look mole hole time. Yeah all in all it's only the rest your life. It's odd ball. So I beg crying mother in line is that an unusual behavior for her or is she naturally a dramatic person. Well. I'm beyond that she's kind of she's kind of dramatic anyway. Yeah so you know then things happen and she can she can go into tears or you know she did you should feel things really able. We know and so you know she does really they're really down and that kind of maybe she's. She's kind of direct. Ike a couple Arnold cheerleader that. A couple of questions that if I come up is number wine. And I think we talked about this off the air by. You wouldn't get the money back leg. If if your new wife your fiancee stayed in Atlanta and then you guys just flew together. Like that read their resort or whatever it's all paid for. Yeah that is kind of what a package. Well I wonder if you called them and explain this situation. It is not release it unfortunately not really an option that either you know got a goal somebody's gotta go that day in our end down. Such yeah. About even her and your marriage so if she was her initial reaction when she was OK with it. Do you feel a 100% confidence duels day okay you. I Saturday night into Sunday. I got a bad apple sold yeah career I edit it. We're not the only is now like oh I'm like yeah getting married and then lead actress we want. Dog you know we're getting married and then I'm going to the game and then I'll see her blood. The don't try and stop forever just a little while we waited this already. Well it's two full days I mean but who's counting. Good story along you know governor are Brad I don't know I should wish you luck in this lottery or are. Oh I hope this doesn't work out for you win it do you think you'll find out. We'll find out moral content IRA brand well keep this close they did and I good luck with everything. And and we definitely going to call and we definitely do you wanna check it with you tomorrow just to see how your feeling if you heard anything so. You just froze Interbank. All well I will talk to him this time tomorrow what do you think Jim what's the better things he just. Is did are you crossing your fingers he just doesn't get the notice that he won the lottery. I you've really won it for him as a falcons fan myself all I wanna go so I would want him to have the experience of being able to go to the Super Bowl. And have to have both experiences but only if his wife isn't going to be mad at. It this is you don't wanna show it to honeymoon is going to be cold now you know on a sand and at this point he's our designer have like a nice warm and Fuzzy and hot and opinion you're all those good things about the honeymoon. It at this point here's the way I look at a he's already after the damage is already done I opiates yeah because they're not he's still the guy Ari asked to entertain the thought so. Mine is located at this point right. Just enjoy and she OnStar in that he for a lawyer and.