Big Game Brad Update: Did He Take Any Advice?

Wednesday, February 1st


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Thanks for making this wedge. Indigestion Shenzhen one star not before one and we may. Whole country doing it all yes. How are American teen. Ballmer cowboys are no longer America's team it's about and that parity makes a huge hit good. Is the here's the other day I'm big game Brad. The big game big game Brad as the guy who has an opportunity born raised and alana. He is a die hard falcons fan he's getting married on Saturday and he might have the opportunity. Promised company to go to the Super Bowl on Sunday. He's when we talk show me this is not sure yet if he's gonna get that spot he's in a lottery and he was number two on the list to get the Super Bowl seats. And so he was trying to debate whether or not he was going to tell his fiance he would have got to pursue because that would force him to miss the first. 48 hours of his honey man. Yes and the way it works is his company and they deal with high a big fancy fancy clients' financial service company and sometimes those clients back at all. Because they actually get a better ticket so they get offer more than one thing indivisible that's a tough problem right right so they ought they let the employees. Falling in to those open slots so the ticket as a go to waste and brand drew number two. In the lottery meaning of two people drop out so I eat Texan with a yesterday. Last year for people dropped out. The year before that zero people dropped out. The year before that few people drop that so there's a fairly good chance he will be he'll be offered. The chance to go out yes this is the voicemail and I got from him this morning. Eight yep this could go up this bread or are you call Brad on the radio. I would anyone who cold with the problem with my waiting beyond Saturday in it to win ticket to see bill all of those Super Bowl looked like they. Well. Want to let you know about before you via. Ticket holder. Vote number one typical ticket holder eight he declined. So I'm you're down two beat be indexed so I'm gonna run they are told note the number two well I'm back. So I've got que La. You're gonna do become gonna. Told my fiance tonight. That this is a real possibility. And see what happens hopefully you know. I'm so I would guard. What I did appear to call you back and I can tell you what happened. Ari so I'll let you know. Thanks. Now I did ask I did text him back and I asked him if you're bulimic to have that conversation with her on the radio and he did not think out DNL. Would like to get married on Saturday he did not like that that conference but he did say that after he talks or you'll. Text or call me back and then we'll get him on the radio tomorrow okay. Ashley did we start a fight your house last night. It was the pins. Sort of stands and my and learned my eyes and I. Can't. It's Super Bowl and it is that there are letting it. Open debate on her honeymoon. And you win all your life. Our. EP. Also that these myself. Our. Parent and she is. You are at odds are not hypothetical you. Know. It's there it's a real fight over a hypothetical situation involving a guy that you just heard on the radio while we are sorry for instance aren't as I don't. I wouldn't. Thanks Ashley razzle. Jane seeing that I'm Lawrence Andre Jane in Atlanta or go to Asia. Ultimately I did this come up in your house last night. I guess I ask my boyfriend why he would you and there are little notification and he doesn't know. He got it he you're right there's only one honey another week time marquee purple. But this could be wary at first ever closer say this could be a series and he did so good don't ruin it for your round at his son. What's his name what's that what's the boyfriend of the year's name. Graham ran around. Do you have. Mile square feet expand beyond our cat critic dame aren't surprised. OK for the game ham we're gonna get your address not. Michelle in tennis now welcome to this year. They. Good morning didn't do we read instead of right now house doesn't agree. You know not how I look at it in congress they've kept it completely right. He's you know away it would never broached the subject. Really he wouldn't even consider going to the super ball. We're not even consider it I even threw out you know even NASCAR banner. Icrc the only other that would do it but NASCAR you know ration it like Jeff Horton flat line and all that. They said OK well maybe and it would be disgusted that no way he goes you know the Heidi. So he would just take himself out of the lottery and every man you that he entertained it. While. It's a good man and there that is a good man. I'm glad we can sort of right now house that was not a native made me feel. Star in 941.