The Big Fight

Wednesday, November 8th

They fought at the wedding, but somehow made it through. And these are no small fights!


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Okay Terna Nande. I'm Justin Jan shell ol' ball. I don't couple who got into a huge Geoff price huge. Not speaking to each other fights. On their wedding day follow god and I think that makes about as difficult stage went through the browse any way. Found me tell you as this story and you. Yeah I guess got him coming if you think this this marriage is gonna last I checked this out so this couple got married I'll just say recently. With a last month. And mine there what day. They were supposed to do that first look saying. And where you have all set up with the photographers. And what their wedding party was in the room waiting and ready ago when they were going to be. Back to back and you know it's the ending you know 123 turn around is going to be it's beautiful like. Pretty stunning kind of feel real offense turning and then get all the pictures of the surprise. Well groomed. Walked in and faced for word and totally Maceda. And the bride went off on him was so mad because they had rehearsed this how your living. Is this the wedding day like this is morning of the wedding and as CD the first such as I didn't wanna go first look the first time I wanted to see my wife. Kelly was when she is coming down the aisle right so this is the morning or yesterday or whatever of the weddings Arum. Morning of though where wedding ceremony this happening later in the afternoon and she's going offline and she's so mad because. She explained it to him. Two or three different times and hit actually practice it in their living room here's how it's gonna go you know winner in their genes or whatever I a couple of weeks ago. But he still went in the first look and screwed it up and she's like. It's because you never listened to me. You're always on your alone you're never paid attention you pay more attention to college football and sports. You pay attention to me means she'd just had a bride solo moment was so mad at him. Because he had mastered and messed up all the pictures in mass at the surprise what do. So. They're earning huge fight then of course he is taken aback and is defensive and says some things he wishes he didn't say and walks out of the ground. I'm their wedding day on the morning of their wedding day OK how can I do have many questions who else is in the room and if at a first look is it like. Bridesmaid I I understand that there were bridesmaids in the room with her mother and kind of mother oh god. So they have a meltdown I wanna happens in front. The parents and bridesmaids in their photographer is those would be abdic. I yet that that's the whole thing I must say they have had a right Cameron had taken pictures so basically of fast forward like throughout the day they're not speaking to each other. They don't speak all day they don't tax nobody says sorry but they go through with the wedding ceremony anyway. And they actually don't break the ice over the fight or address the fighter talk about it and soul she has about two glasses of wine at the reception. So Bates tactically. Weren't speaking to each other during the wedding ceremony other than what they fight had to repeat right of bows I do. Yeah attributed death do you part I hope that happens soon so come on. I am legs still had nobody has said sorry just repeat after me vows and then she had a couple of the line into the reception. And then you know the kind of like I'm sorry I didn't mean to an all that stuff like every era figured itself out by the end of it. And there's there are still married that was not even a month that. Our relationship. Is doomed right absolutely a bad relationship isn't gonna last know what idea. I don't know I mean is it possible I would only take one call for somebody is say they got a fight on their wedding day and they're still married. It has to be an epic fight like everybody probably take him to give but I mean hey I don't think we take phone calls from my disagreements lake. But you know I get like that is closer to Odierno the issue there right that's on out later this is an amp bake. This is a major fight if this was if this a place in their house through their apartment adore what have been slammed fights yes blurred like something would have been dropped by. Violently and the bad yeah well it. And slam it down and into fitted sheet it's so anti climatic yes you threw it down anyways. I've 4042630941. Does this couple have a chance of surviving. If we get no phone calls I'm just gonna say no because nobody's ever done in a fight that big at a wedding. But if we digs as one phone call that's all we need for a 42630941. Such a significant site. On their wedding day that they weren't speaking during the. Knows that. But they went through with it anyway. So are in 941. All full speed all I can't believe fit them multiple people destroyed their marriage lies on the their wedding day. I think we need to make it clear agendas you telling this story about some quote friends who got married in the past month. And were fighting so hard and the wedding day. If they didn't speak to each other other than I do. It's not JP and his new wife Heidi of course not no guys now and OJP and Heidi had a beautiful wedding and so much fun and there. All sorts is meant and then load I was Smart in my first look I closed my eyes so this wouldn't even have happened it's easier I think that's the way you do so well. Couple that I know of basically. He screwed up the first look she was so mad because him or her since several times. She's like this just press you never lessen the name. And all you care that is caused football. And just exchanged some words that word not crying. And it basically went through the vows only repeating after the priest and then. Didn't speak until she had two glasses of wine at the reception. She's had to have and hold on hold him on the wrote. Chris DNN Atlanta say you're one of a multiple calls. About the marriage surge having him being destroy raid on the wedding day. Yeah I mean you write it Sarah let me put it that way I don't on par with your sort of fixed it. So this is split him being able to help so this is your husband or was your husband. It is out with a leg and he's not only tells us how long does that. Stringer for a time when that every fight him. Well I can't go home we weren't really fast. I'm not a pregnant two weeks later we were married basically perfect. I don't without agreeing that we didn't have time shimmering on the way. Where we where going to go low basically. Stopping in at under places he can create them could you not to order green and then we all set. Sent a thousand. Whenever we'll figure out no big deal we just kilometer ring right now what it that they got hot that I equipment money. I don't know. Paying attention and clearly what he did say sit there reading our course and you know I need me I'm I'm really just out of the car with pictures he was trying to throw out. The other guy. Also so yeah so you're like blood feud stocking all those big Macs and maybe your fat finger would fit in Atlanta and. And you're pregnant bugs running across the bargain I've seen. It okay. No it's more important it is like night time could it looked like the lay. Like 10 o'clock at night on the way Q where you were a low paying. People are every direction steadily at. I don't how she didn't feel like south Georgia like on an egg. Like I'm walking in there and bewildered at. Which he did so creepy. And it's three years ago and you're still together. Yeah you are. It's a little. You know. Good marathon. I'm just never arena. A leash and I'm mad Donna you're com ever to nobody destroyed their marriage license at the wedding. OK and we edited letting the cult that helping many think about it everything's fine they're great got a theory I. It happened what she caught him as she fed. Flirting with somebody after the wedding can. Lean and racquet like pan am mountain cabin retailer near your ticket in every. That's. Without any app. Greens are being around into the lead wooded area over the balcony. The whole entire night he's just. Act like nothing ever happened eat at me with. Girls and their girl can I guess he kind of like it. Whatever screw it like we're getting toward anyway it on the wrong even cheaper party had. She's you know screaming crying. Everybody was telling her on my aunt is complete act like I mean we were so I think is we didn't think that it would last that the vineyard can't get. Dollars yeah I would've been low key like out of a comment like he'd JP Ayman Kevin in the mountains I need to get a metal detector could. If they just threw their rings into the woods and I wanna get them before they make up. And embattled that type urine like a fifth of whiskey Yankee drive up here I daily in Athens. Wedding day fights this year horse. And now. Funny guy when in the morning our wedding. I am I get a call from. I'm on me at the debate here. And and done that all eight. I'm didn't and now like with Eleanor that he cares but as the that would not quite right each want to ensure we had a feeling member that has a beautiful barn that brought a all the cheers we need age and it worked out. But that holiday I would like you rent our wedding how dare you know it's only gonna get there. Eight years now are happy we have four beautiful children and we here and Atlanta and finished you know did you hear they're at that finally get there anything. Maybe it's a make us radiates outward in Iran and maybe aren't you get a fine without you and your wedding day. Now is Jen you grand madam wedding day about now now. I didn't they were doing around Yahoo! and I need to get out first on out of the way I last call before we give you the word for 500 about its CNET in Jasper. Yeah. I mean dad well. We got and I'm not spent sorry because it will probably get it right. You're not all I have to do is stopping you wrote it on the way to church and Bob how we we're here. Talk about disrespectful she kind of like really need it I'm not like shared. Got any better eat it and are asleep on account stripper elite. And and I could and now are we at bear no I don't think we hear them. You. Can't looks. Oh I bet you guys. Hey there usually the first few weeks of your marriage. On your living room couch. Happy about it temporary pain and a guy yell out you're my hero. I. Wow like you who are at odds lunatic but a great radio segments of thank you. And that ladies and gentlemen and is close your yeah. We're all like to share that conversation continues league championship on things look.