Big Dave Update: All's Well for Now

Tuesday, February 7th

It seems like all's well with Dave! But messages of caution keep pouring in...

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Sorry not before one okay Terna Nande. And Justin Jan shell hole. Well I'm managing your family member traveling 6500. Miles. Across the globe in order to meet the woman of his dreams. And you think it's all a scam. Net realized it gives them drag it today. That's just surreal life eyes so. Big Davis is in the Philippines big Dave if I'm for whatever reason you you haven't heard this story is my. Half brother who met a woman. I'm face spoke about manned about twelve months ago. And they started a correspondence and they would Skype and they would. I'd chat online and she quickly became his girlfriend and then. They are in love and he traveled about a week ago to the Philippines to meet her. Face to face for the first time. So far he's not physically harmed at all. If that was one of our concerns. And we've both heard from him and he's seems to be doing well. The. Mitt knows the latest sign it was the Texan I got from Dave last week saying that they had gone to fish Marquette and done bunch of these different things and having a grand old time. Mean here's that here's the thing that movement and yeah all German ginger listeners dollar fantastic. So. There'll is there's so many layers. To this. That I do you feel pretty confident now that the physical harm layer can be scraped up but I don't think he's going to be. Physically harmed unless there's just a random act of street violence and truth be told that can happen anywhere. It's probably more likely in the Philippines but now it. Maybe now more likely than some. You know dangerous parts the United States you know remain so a kind. I think he's gonna be pretty safe from physical harms of our level of fear has been wiped away that's subsided. By its. I'd now I get every single day I give a message board sue from a Jeffrey ginger listener who sank. Hey listen I mean found enormous hole story he's gone over there. It says that physical harm like he's he's going but there are going to have a relationship and end. She is going to be part of his life for a very long time. If not forever. In these are people who are from that country who say. That there is a effort. For. Women who. Don't have a lot of money over there. To luring and date and eventually marry American man so that they can get to the United States so they can eventually. Send money back to their family in the Philippines and and even bring their family in the United States. So. They're like this is gonna caucus fraud and I'm like it is a long range plan. Yep. But Davies and you've got a letter after letter from listeners who this is either happen to them or happen to their brother uncle dad right somebody in their life yep. Got it kept up. So eyes. CS and the story as a going away but I am so relieved that he is. Not physically harm in it doesn't appear that he will be physically I still there for a few more days but I think if there's any. Malicious intent on her part or people who know her and their part then that's a non issue. And that is honesty my biggest concern mean he's he's investing. Every penny that he has even money that he doesn't have. To go visit her that concerns me but you know what money can be replaced. By a Amber's testimony on what they want spend money on yep and and I've made that stupid money decisions you made stupid everybody's read Stephen money decisions and at the time you make it you don't think it's a stupid bunny decision and that's that's where he has were just on different sides that some I'm. Happy for that part. And here's the update he posted on FaceBook last night. After a year of waiting and finally face to face with the woman I love. May be an exception but she is more than I imagined and there's a picture of the two of them there's a couple pictures of the two of them. I just. Hanging out in the Philippines. Can you share that posts. I can ask you have to hit a post it. In the semi right now Beth this is the picture I think it's the same when he Texan during the to a home they do it very happy now. So guilty. I mean I think I mean that's good yeah I'm I would think probably under. Philippine woman look for some of that and relationship where it would go for a fifty something. Guy from North Carolina 6500 miles away and seems. Excellent. Okay what are you whispering about six. The constant focus on the Canton than trying to be nice for making this wedge to adjust and change job on star not before one and.