A Big Dave Update

Friday, June 9th

Jeff and Dave are finally back in touch, what did Dave's super-long email have to say?


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She's running get it done in Alpharetta and all over its yeah. Thanks for coming overload office it's just enjoy and shell on starring Betty Ford Lola and Jesse and his brother being debut. Were really. And then Dave started dating a woman in the Philippines and if that relationship was well documented here on the jet engines show. And see it's still going and big Dave. And this woman herself together Jamison love and it's really put a wedge between Jeff and his Brad so they stopped talking for awhile. But no you guys are free connected Abu waiting for the update all week when I saw you were scrolling to the super long text as a junior followed. It was an email that oh. Wasn't it that day of broad over the course of a few days so he started it. They came back to a penny came back Brittany came back and he said that the beginning and at the U wrote the whole thing and I'm back from wrote the first paragraph is like heads up this the skipper on the line. But he he didn't he wrote a long email and and here's. Since the last update. That I gave which is. I like this year and start marked the end. David I didn't grow up together so you hear me talk about being an only child that's because I was raised. As an only child no other siblings and the house and then the Sudan was made previously right. And and then you know it might ride my dad mound idea had me in their like I'm an hourly atop this you know. Why can we create better than us. And so. It's I was just me when I grew out and about ten years ago eight or ten years ago. Who. Dave. Who. Lives in North Carolina. Started becoming too. That that plays or go to him that summer in South Carolina with my parents and we all reconnect it. And we just became close and close and and and closer and then he was just big David he was always round he's never match. A stranger. He's so kind you know we've we've we've tried to paint this picture of am of of being that the most generous. God fearing it. Selfless manner on the planet and that's not a character like he has and Jen has met him several times. Israel Joan beyond has that cool hobbies like X. You know maybe you know his own wind named after is Don JR and he you know makes beef jerky and always brings it lets them. Our skins and leather crafts and why that's so then he announces to me that he's met a woman. That she message demand FaceBook and they started talking and now they're in a relationship and I'm not a lot of scrape in many draws about that she's in the Philippines. And at some point early on and that relationship I do some research and find out that there are a lot of scams they come out of the Philippines. Philippine women. Well hook American man. In two sending them money supporting them financially. Trying to get citizenship. There's there's a lot of reasons the Philippine women will be interested in him yeah yeah and put a quick Google on that and he'll he'll be breakdown now and there are so many red flags and gave was not open to hearing all of that when he heard them. But he didn't seeing cane because he was in love. He was so in love this woman and he went over to visit her but and I protests that that's a lot of money. That's a dangerous situation. That's a scary situation and their things kind of happened while I was over there but he does over and he stays. There for ten days he spends the entire attendees with her. Ands. He was backing report he's safe and he reports that she's. Even wore a wonderful person after meaning numbers right. Few days after he gets back. I got an email. If chase that these are message. From a person who dropped a lot of details about her trip. About their trip and her. Acts. Confirm some of my concerns so this morning I don't wanna say you don't wanna say confirmed because that means I know that I believe that to be fact. That's not true. In a similar recent pew said that they were involved with her and that she was not telling enters through its supported what my fearless right. And so I sank all of that to Dave. We had some conversations after that and we just there was no conscious decision to not speak but I knew there is. A period of time that if we did. Talk or tax any and I would just be parading him for what I felt was very obvious that he would be berating me for what he felt it was very obvious. What's productive or good about that. But that doesn't generate an energy yet eases from butting heads constantly so we just kind of have a conversation about anything else writes is this a big elephant in their men's and that brings us to now. We are now less than a month away from the first two weeks in July which is traditionally when my parents they can come down to visit. From from New York I think facilitator renamed July is Stanley reunion months and Dave contended as as everybody yeah. And Dave and I still hadn't have not spoken. And he sent me now. Late last week I think that. Was very very long and very scattered. By its. I'll read part of it. That the whole thing spoke to me because he wrote rate from his heart but here's the par and I think there's a lesson in this for anybody who's stealing wave. Some family. Fraction Gagnon I'm saying. He writes we can agree to disagree. Even in its if it's as big as a life partner. But we are Brothers and we have to support and we should welcome them to our family. You do not have to trust her intentions. But you have to trust me. As far as I know there is no reason tend not trust me just accurate. He's never given me a reason to not press him not try and if it does not work out. If you're marriage does not work out. Know that you have me as your brother to help you out of it in I want you to be there for me as well. We always have to be there for each other. So slowly and that's and there's I mean there's so much more he talks about his he's so religious and you know it's absurd it's so involved in this church or talks about his faith and guy and he talks about his intuition and how he really doesn't believe this is the case but he basically asked me. Even if you're adding to her. Worst of Brothers. So she's not going anywhere but I don't wanna leave you and then he said I he ended said if you don't want me to come to South Carolina this year for the fourth of July and while. To which my response and Mars are so right at it's Richardson. Awesome and that's her stance so I guess that is really wanted to share that that paragraph because they know there's so many families. And then disconnect because of outside forces. But at the end of the day. It's a spam. He can't you have to be able to compartmentalize that disconnect lieutenant a 100% believe in her intentions. She does make it happy and his happiness is important me. And trusting and believing in him is different than trusting and believing in her right yeah so. I'm so glad I'm so happy these I stocks in. Yes so. We haven't talked on the phone info we we traded emails and will catch him yes and I'm cents it hug it out that's right stance so they'll be down for fourth of July. Assad. All learn and share that conversation continues with jet engine on FaceBook.